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Saturday, May 01, 2010

That damned Form

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Census, The IRS.

What? I mean, seriously. What?

For days on end complaining about the Census (which, for a group which suggests it wants strict adherence to the Constitution is about as stupid as it gets).

And now, the IRS could learn from the Census form?

I'm flabbergasted.


Factinista said...

Let's suppose it takes ten minutes to complete the census. In the time Mallard's spent complaining about this, he could have filled out the form 864 times over.

Tog said...

I guess even Batshit gets tired of carrying on endlessly about a given bit of nonsense.

So, what to do? That's it! Combine two bits of nonsense!

Taquelli said...

About how loudly do you think Mallard would have complained about the Census if McCain was in office? Passing mention? At all? There is an itsy-bitsy part of me hoping that he got "his way," just so he would SHUT UP about a complete non-issue. Maybe that's his endgame, just annoy the hell out of everyone until he gets what he wants. Seems to be the Tea Party's strategy.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

I went back to April/May 2000 to see if he was complaining about the Census under Clinton…nope, that was an election year. He's making "fun" of Al Gore.

Kip W said...

Tin's right to make fun of someone's ability to put a form together. He has experience. Years ago, he made one for the duck, where he fills in a word or two ('Mad Lib'-style), and checks off some boxes ("watches TV," "reads newspaper," "on camera," "cross-eyed liberal," "stares straight out at viewer with dead eyes") and his machine will spit back a rough draft for him to ink and letter. After that, he's free for the rest of the day to drink, watch TV, look at a newspaper, and stare straight out with dead eyes.

exanonymous said...

Sounds like he spent a lot of time regurgitating talking points from his favorite pundits, and then he actually sat down to read and fill out the form for the first time.

And realized it wasn't that bad and that the decision this year by the census folks to make a short easy form was a good one. I'd almost find it amusing, except that he's not walking back his comments, he's just swinging right into the next generic government thing he hates because he is told to hate them - the IRS. Which has a free market solution if you find the forms too difficult (which I don't, I find that instead they just require organization and a longer attention span than your average TV-channel-flipper has.)

Ducky is Right said...

This thing happens once every ten years.
Ducky spent a week bitching about it.
Go ahead and think about that for a while.

Steve-O said...

Oh for the love of Ogg! Anyone want to take bets on the last time Tinsley filled out his own IRS form?

Bill the Splut said...

Dear Gourd, it's Saturday, can this series end now?

When I was 21, I was a Census Crew Leader (one step up from the bottom job), and eventually quit because of--well, I could tell you stories of why, all more interesting and funnier than this interminable week of Dullard.

Note that I didn't. Maybe I have a more finely-tuned sense of "don't endlessly talk about yourself" than some cartoonists do.

I will relate this: the top jobs were filled by political patronage, and the third highest paid one went to the top dog's best bud, who did nothing but make "art." This is 100% true: this was a 30 year old man whose chosen media was fingerpainting. It just hit me how close to that guy Bruce's wingnut welfare job is.

WV: dospar, what MF fills me with. Wait, no, I'm thinking of "despair."

rewinn said...

Bill the Splut's story is funny because it is based on fact.

Millard the Spew's story is not funny because it is not based on fact.

Bill - can you draw?

Bill the Splut said...
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Frank Stone said...

I hope Mallard has a good chiropractor to treat that case of whiplash he just gave himself.