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Thursday, May 06, 2010

That damned Plan

What's Mallard raving about today?

Iran, President Obama, President Bush.

This suggest that having a Plan B is necessary, when we all know that the Wingnut Plan A (Bomb, Bomb, Bomb...) never needed a Plan B.

This also suggests that Iran is not (to some degree) President Bush's fault. Which would mean that they developed all of their nuclear capabilities since January 2009, which is a stretch even for someone with Mallard's obvious intellectual deficiencies.


Ducky is Right said...

I like the little arrow on the sign, pointing to the rest of the sign. Like Ducky wasn't confident his readers could make the connection between two things on the same sign.

Tog said...

And Batshit's "Plan B?"
Blame Obama.
Which of course has also been his "Plan A."
Kettle, meet Pot.

confused said...

He'll blame Obama. He'll find some round about way to try to insult Clinton. Then he'll have a drink and wish he could still put down Kennedy...

Steve-O said...

I have this fight with my wingnut friends on Facebook all the time.

Them: "All Obama says is 'I Blame Bush!!!!!!111!!1'"

Me: "Do you have sources for that statement?"

Them: "Phhhhhtt.....Sources? Socialism, Fascism, GAAAA!!1!1!1!!"

Randy said...

@DiR: Is he wrong to think that of his readers? (Ironic readers excepted, of course.)

Kip W said...

Why can't Obama just adopt Bush's plan A of blaming everything on Clinton, Carter, LBJ, JFK, FDR, and Wilson? Doesn't he realize that blamecasting isn't just Job One, it's Job Only?

Anonymous said...

The hysteria over a "nuclear Iran" is unfortunately not confined to the Bushites, as just as many Democrats have signed on to all the preposterous fear-mongering over this non-issue. There's just one country in the middle east with a nuclear arsenal, who refuses international inspections, and who won't sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. And almost everyone else in the world recognizes that country as a perpetual roadblock to peace. But it's taboo in all D and R political circles to even hint any of this.

exanonymous said...

Why do we have to deal with Iran at all?

Their green movement has focused turmoil inwards, and they're not on the long list of countries that terrorists come from with attacks that have made it onto American soil. They're a threat to Israel, our "ally", but Israel is ALSO a nuclear country with other weapon capabilities and the Israel Defense Force, and refuses treaty participation in certain weapon bans/limits.

But I forgot, Team America, World Police!

NLC said...

Blame Bush!??! Blame Bush????!??

What the h@ll ever happened to INDICT Bush??????

wavydavy said...

What NLC said.

NickE said...

Personally, I can't wait for Tinz' upcoming hy-larious skewering of Dr. George Rekers and his escort.

And how waterboarding and electrodes were so necessary to get information out of Faisal Shahzad.

And how Lindsay Graham wants to give guns to terrorists.

It's going to be a GREAT couple of weeks!

Kaitlyn said...

You all missed out on another term for mocking liberals -

"Plan B" is what the morning after pill is called. (Only liberals would need to take it.)

Or it's a common phrase and I'm grasping for any way of making sense of this.

It was fine for 8 years to blame Clinton or anybody but the person in charge, now that someone else is in charge, he can't do a little bit of blaming himself?

And anon @ 7:43 AM - maybe we'll discuss it if Tinz shows one of his hippies as a democratic congresscritter advocated for bombing Iran.

Though I think the premise of this is that because Obama said we'd get rid of some of our nuclear weapons, so we can only destroy the world half as much as we used to.

I think Democrats are involved in this fear-mongering because if they weren't, they'd be anti-Israel. Israel is the only country allowed to have nukes in the Middle East, we must protect Israel at all costs, why do you hate the Jews, Hitler?!

I think too many of our decisions in the Middle East are based on relations with Israel.

rewinn said...

It's worth noting that one of the reasons Iran is finding it relatively easy to come up with nukes is that Bush destroyed our nuke-hunting spies - Valerie Plame and her "Brewster Jennings" operation. We know only about her outing, but rest assured that everyone she ever spoke to in a totalitarian foreign country (in person or over the phone posing as a nuclear equipment supplier) got a visit from the secret police.....

... meanwhile, let Iraq take care of Iran. They're BFF now that we took out Iran's natural enemy.