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Thursday, May 13, 2010

That damned teaching

What's Mallard raving about today?


Based on what Mallard believes college is like, I suspect he never went.


Tog said...

With his "evil capitalist" WAAAAAAH, Batshit's fallen to conflating people who work three jobs to put their child through college with the sort of scumbags who manufactured the phony California "Energy Crisis," or set investors up to fail, all for the sake of profiting from others' misery.

Iron Dragon said...

Wow, either Tinsley never went to college or he only went to one that had a lot of socialists. I had some professors who had moral objections to capitalism or at least aspects, most of them actually argued that our parents were being harmed by a system that kept them locked in a system of perpetual debt due to an escalating ideal of what the American dream was supposed to mean coupled with increases in cost of living without proper compensation in standard wage. But that was the philosophy department, so either way.

I find this a rather strange comment anyway since most of the time I have never heard of workers being listed as evil which is what our straw-student is declaring. Most of what I learned from my school politically was that the anarchists were very passionate but most had trouble explaining their views, the socialists were better at explaining but had an overly sunny view of human nature, the liberals were a mixed bag, some couldn't explain why they believed what they did and others could but got stuck in ruts. I also knew a fair number of conservatives, many of whom sadly got very irritated if I asked them to explain their views or pointed out potential flaws, I invited them to do the same with mine and they got more irritated when I would give counters that they either couldn't counter.

Sorry for the massive wall of text and digression, I just get annoyed when people claim colleges are indoctrination centers.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

LOOK: Sure, Tinsley could actually THINK about what he's writing rather than spewing vaguely-remembered, incoherent, right-wing buzzwords that may or may not have the least relation to reality--but that would interfere with his busy schedule of getting plastered at eight in the morning and staying that way all day. that kind of "research" takes its toll.

Ducky is Right said...

Wow, what the hell? I think we're waaay past talking points, and into some serious, inner-Ducky emotional scarring, here.
Pretty clear Ducky hasn't set foot on a non-Reagent/Liberty campus in decades.
But that's okay, Glen Beck will tell him what's going on. And he has no reason to lie and distort the truth when he goes on talking/book tours for thousands of dollars.

Tog said...

Oh! Almost forgot! While Batshit's whining and peeing about...well, whatever nonsense is flushing about in the toilet of his mind, check out what happens when a sane person voices concerns about our educational system, in the trailer for Waiting For Superman.

See, Batshit, this guy even covers one of your favorite topics: The Horror of Self-Esteem. Unlike you, he does so coherently and effectively.

But he's also the director of An Inconvenient Truth, so you probably want him strung up.

Kip W said...

Tin has a "tell." When he's pulling something completely out of his ass, he uses too many adjectives. Horrid, stinky, unwittingly revealing adjectives. (You thought I was going to say "ass" again!)

ajm said...

When he's pulling something completely out of his ass, he uses too many adjectives.

When Tinsley's pulling something completely out of his ass, he opens his mouth.

exanonymous said...

Ah, THERE'S Mallard's problem!

He thinks its parents paying from the lower-middle class kids to attend college. It's the kids who work, the kids who take the loans, and the kids who beg for grants these days.

Tinsley, on the other hand, could very well be one of the jerks who drives through the Indiana University campus on a rainy deliberately speeding into deep puddles to splash the college kids dashing to their next class. This comic sounds like one of those to justify doing that, because the straw-man graduate is a twerp.

Rootbeer said...

Um, Brucey, it's generally not the PARENTS who are getting saddled with crippling post-collegiate debt these days.

This strip is especially confusing considering that, according to Wikipedia, Tinsley has attended nearly as many schools as Sarah Palin. Surely he would have learned SOMETHING about the college experience in his time at Mizzou, or Bellarmine College, or the Harvard summer program, or Indiana U...

word veri: Corpti. He believes a campus of Texas A&M is located there.

Toots McGee said...

Strawgrad's parents are chumps. Why didn't they cook up a ponzi scheme to so they didn't have to expend so much effort to pay for your education? Why didn't they build stealth bombers in the garage and sell them to the Dept of Defense? Why didn't they move to the heartland and tap into some agriculture subsidies? They aren't greedy, they're suckers. Three jobs? Are you even sure they're in this country legally?

dlauthor said...

Speaking as someone who went to university in Canada, where the tuition rates are relatively sane because we're all dirty socialists dontchaknowyoubetcha, then married an American with similar degrees who will be paying off her tens of thousands of dollars of student-loan debt until she's almost retirement age, allow me to say this:

DIE IN A FIRE, YOU TALENTLESS DIPSOMANIACAL WAD OF FUCK. I really, really hope your kids go all-out left-wing, vegan, and bisexual in college, just to bring on the aneurysm that will drop you like a sack of bourbon and suet and make the world a slightly better place for everyone.

Oh, was that too much? Too fucking bad.

Sarah said...

So he's bringing direction attention to ways American capitalism can cause hardships for people and then implying that higher education programs are absurd for claiming that it's their own fault?

Remember what I said about the out-nonsening?

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I want to thank my parents, and teachers for teaching me about politics, English, and logic, and allowing me to pass the sixth grade. I know that I would have been more coherent, and less offensive than Tinsley, regardless, because I have a multidigit I.Q, but I appreciate the assistance.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Defiance of parental values is essential to society, as technology, and social standards, constantly, advance. Our grandparents oppose gay marriage, social services, and atheism; many of your parents, probably, oppose violent media, and illegal immigration. Compliance leads to stagnation, then, degradation. Republicans, refusing to let go of the ignorant paranoia of the past, demand that we turn our backs on all that we have achieved in the last 60 years.

Word Verification: Sessis, a misspelling of sepsis--reading one Mallard Fillmore cartoon feels like dying of sepsis.

rewinn said...

The biggest problem with college, as far as the reichwing is concerned, is that it takes kids out of small neighborhoods where everyone thinks pretty much alike and dumps them in a messy pile of different thoughts.

As a result, some change their minds. Some discover that people from other countries/sexual orientations/political beliefs don't have cooties.

Not all do. There's plenty of Palins and Tinshleys ... and for them the most important thing is never to admit that the problem is with themselves. The problem is with other people having the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas.

P.S. I paid off my student loans myself, which is kinda ironic cuz my daddy woulda loved Mallard Fillmore.

deepbeep said...

A socialist pissing on the exploited proletariat? Are you smoking crack, Tinsley?

As an aside: Most of my college tuition was paid with federal loans taken by parents. When I insisted on paying them back every penny, my Republican father noted that it was very un-liberal of me. Coming from someone who worships Glen Beck, I suppose I should take that as a compliment.

Kaitlyn said...

What degree does this fake college student have?

Because I'm majoring in French and taking lots of History classes because I can and they're interesting...

And we look beyond the surface level we're lucky to hit in high school in this country. And sometimes that means that capitalists come off bad. (See the robber barons. HOLY SHIT, is that what you want, tea baggers?)

Also, my parents don't have to scrimp and save because I was lucky enough to do well on the ACT and get a high GPA. I'm also happy, for the first time EVER, that we're way below the poverty line.

So those evil middle class capitalists are paying for my education. Thanks, guys!

David B said...

I’m with deepbeep—this is just proof that Tinsley is making stuff up. I mean, this strip actually moves beyond the sort of thing Limbaugh and Beck would say, even. (Maybe Coulter would offer this sort of line, but even that’s only a maybe.)

I checked “outrage” but that’s mainly ’cause there are a couple million of Tinsley’s fellow idiots out there, and they’ll accept the implication of this strip as fact, and lobby their legislatures to micromanage their states’ colleges even more (while further cutting funding), so that working- and lower-middle-class parents won’t be able to afford sending their kids to college even working three jobs.