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Monday, May 24, 2010

That damned Consensus

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Elena Kagan, Consensus.

Yes, it's too bad the President was unable to reach consensus with Republicans, seeing as how they have been acting in good faith.

Like Mitt Romney who rejected a Health Care Plan which was virtually identical to the one he put in place in Massachusetts.

And Sarah "Death Panels" Palin.

Or the Republicans who called for a bipartisan debt commission but when President Obama agreed to it, seven of them suddenly disagreed?

You can't build consensus with people who are only interested in burning the house down.


Tog said...

Is this the best you can do, Batshit? Psh.

Hey, speaking (yesterday) of hate speech (in which only liberals engage, in Batshit's own little bizarro world): a Republiscum with the ironic name of Goehring called "open season on liberals" and expressed a desire to "issue hunting permits" for the purpose of "thin(ning) out the herd." When called on this, he apologized and explained it away as a "metaphor," then played First Amendment Martyr (complete with his own version of the Checkers Speech)--but now that ignorant rednecks are apparently sending him money because of it, Herr Goehring is all smug smirks.

Batshit's strip about this should be a doozy. Lord knows it's gotta be better than today's completely limp noodle. (C'mon, you pathetic troll--get some liquid courage in you!)

exanonymous said...

Truth is, Obama could put Clarence Thomas up for judgeship and they'd still block him and say the guy is a liberal-socialistnazi.

It is that bad and that obvious. Obama's made countless concessions and the GOP still wastes taxpayer money by stomping feet and asserting whatever they know what "real Americans" want as if saying it gives them some mystical super-majority that the elections and voting and proportional representation did not.

Ducky is Right said...

Hey, the 'buck-toothed liberal' meme is back!
Given how well "building a consensus" has worked so far, I'm all in favor of telling conservatives to sit and spin, and nominating whoever the fuck Obama wants. People who think Obama is a far-left radical (snirk) are going to oppose who ever it is anyway.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...


Man I don't think anyone starts out random statements with a word considered equivalent to a swear. Crud that is WEIRD

Meanwhile Brewster apparently doesn't think Elena Kagan has a double chin. My fat fetishist side is DISAPPOINTED though I really shouldn't have such high expectations.

Kip W said...

Yeah, thinking you could build a consensus with today's Gops is so deluded as to practically constitute deliberate fraud. As Bluto would say, "Face it, Bipartisan Boy, you fucked up! You trusted our campaign rhetoric about reaching across the aisle! (Which we'll start using again as soon as it becomes apparent you've given up on us.)"

dlauthor said...

More excellent timing from Wrong-way Tinshley: bipartisanship helped get the financial reform package passed last week! Thanks, Scott Brown and the Maine Twins! It's been fun watching the loony right chew its own limbs off in rage while bellowing "RINO!" over that one. I suspect the research was flowing freely Chez Bruce.

Also, interesting that he never uses Kagan's name in the strip. You know if she had one of those scaaaaary Moozlim names, it'd be right in there, huge and boldfaced.

Oh, and if he continues to beat this "joke" into the ground all week (chorus: if??), we'll see how much more hook-nosed he makes that evil liberal Jewess. He's already off to a decent start, but I suspect we'll be looking at Jon-Stewart-caricature levels of Jud Sussness by Thursday.

deepbeep said...

If Obama isn't a moderate, I wonder what Kucinich would be. Or Richard Nixon for that matter.

I'll cut Tinsley some slack on this caricature, because it's actually more attractive than the real Kagan.

rewinn said...

As David Sirota points out, the only evidence of Kagan's beliefs on abortion, imprisonment etc indicates that she's not "liberal" at all.

Inthe primaries, Obama was the 2nd-most-conservative of the Democratic pack and he was smart enough to figure out how to defeat #1, so I'm not surprised that he's governing more-or-less how Jerry Ford would have ... including letting the criminals from the prior administration go free.

Today's "comic" is factually silly as usual, but I am greatly cheered that it once again shows the emptiness of the reichwing's bag of tricks. We can be greatful that the forces of destruction are so uncreative.

rewinn said...

Hey DavyK! For something complete off topic, I nominated you for a Blogger Creative Writing Award ... feel free to be honored and/or outraged by this honor and/or outrage.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are always so fair and trusting and Republicans are so stupid and mean!
On the other hand, Tinsley made Kagan look absolutely glamorous!

wavydavy said...

Aside from the usual lousy drawing and shallow thinking, Tinkley gives us a true "WTF?!" moment in this one.

So, let me get this straight: because Obama has already used a tactic that was successful vis-à-vis himself, that will make it MORE difficult to do it again? Seriously -- WTF?!

In the world I live in (i.e., the "reality-based community"), doing something succuessfully one time makes it EASIER to do it again for reasons that are so painfully obvious I won't even mention them here.

Further proof that the wingnut asshat teabagger brigade will say absolutely anything if they think it somehow "proves" their point.

WV: gusheate. The next tactic to be tried on the BP disaster.

Neo Tuxedo said...

On the other hand, Tinsley made Kagan look absolutely glamorous!

Well, now we know who the target audience for this strip was.

WV: sudisup. What Tinsley hears a lot from the guy who pours his research.

Rootbeer said...

Wooo.... another day, another anti-Semitic caricature in Mallard Fillmore....

Frank Stone said...

Late to the party, as usual, Brucie; we've heard it already.

deepbeep said...

wavydavy, there's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

dlauthor said...

Be careful, everyone: we know that to Anonyrast, "glamorous" just means "looks like Justin Bieber."

doubleyou-tee-eff said...