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Monday, May 17, 2010

That damned Pakistani

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Terrorists.

Under normal circumstances, I'd spend some time commenting on how ridiculous this Straw Man is.

Today I will just say how relieved I am that Mallard is done moaning about recent college graduates.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oh boy! Time to trot out the ol' "I'm not a racist, but..." panel again. You're truly a vile little creature, Tinsley.

exanonymous said...

Wasn't it a Muslim-American who noticed the smoking car? Why does Mallard not comment on that American?

And why is the guy "Pakistan-born?" The guy was a legalized immigrant the same as millions of others which makes him an American citizen.

But Mallard's not racist. The media is. He just magically knows all that info about the would-be-bomber because it magically popped into his head, not because the news media reported it.

Ducky is Right said...

So, ONE DAY, the common thought it was a white guy.
One. Day.
This proves the media WISHES OH WISHES that it was a white guy.


Persecution complex, much?

But I agree: thank god we're not seeing some scribble in a cap and gown.

Tog said...

I'll admit it: the day after the attempt, when it was suggested the wannabomber might be a white guy, I gloated a little bit, right here at D&C.

And I'd wager anything Batshit was screaming and throwing things through windows. But the minute Whitey was off the hook, it was back to smug gloating...and blowing up when Bill Clinton suggested civility instead of eliminationism.

You'll notice Mallard has never mentioned Joseph Stack, even to suggest he was a secret liberal.

Look, Batshit: you've demanded that airport screeners focus their attention on "people who look like terrorists," and once supplied a helpful grid of pictures that narrowed that description down to "brown skin."

You also get furious because you and your fellow dittoheads will never be allowed to pretend Timmy McVeigh never happened. You don't want YOUR type to be universally and eternally vilified for the sins of a few, but you're only too happy to do the same to others.

Face it, you're a hypocrite and a racist.

But we already knew all that.

Kip W said...

I guess finding the guy, catching him, and putting him in jail just isn't enough: we must also punish everybody who looks like him or who came from the same place. Because those people are all filled with hate against those who are different!

Bill the Splut said...

Me, two weeks ago I was relieved that they caught the guy before he set the bomb off, and then I laughed at this latest in a long series of utterly incompetent terrorists (Shoes! Underwear! Mixing chemicals in the bathroom! Cutting the Brooklyn Bridge down with blowtorches!). But I guess I'm a sociopath to think that, rather than pumping my fist in the air and yelling "BROWN GUY, YEEEAAHH!"

Ducky is Right said...

Just like in CSI, Bill?

dlauthor said...

You know what would have been wonderful? If one of the arresting officers in Tinshley's DUI arrest had been brown. Muslim, even. Or hey, black. Or Chinese. Or Jewish.

The important thing, though, is that throughout the years, the only thing Brucie's rally clingd to more than the bottle is his venomous racism.

rewinn said...

Some in the corporate-owned media must be disappointed that the violent faction of the teabaggers is petering out without killing more than one person, since nothing sells ad space like blood and corpses.

Personally, I'm relieved, but we have some good police work to thank as well.

David B said...

Tinsley, talk about the whiteness of the Hutaree terrorists within your next couple of strips, and maybe i’ll believe you’re not a racist.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Hypocrisy in Tinsley's argument:

1. He insists that the media wants White guys to commit every crime, but he thinks that whites never commit crimes.
2. He thinks the rich are perfect, and infallible, while the poor are stupid, and evil, except the rich guys in Hollywood and the news media.
3. He insists that racism is dead, but says that the media is racist towards whites.
4. He insists that racism is dead, but implies that Arabs are racist towards whites.

Feel free to add more!

Word Verification: Thetare, theater has shown the works of Shakespeare, thetare shows the opposite: Mallard Fillmore

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

5. Tinsley thinks everything that could be slightly offensive should be censored, but he makes incredibly racist comments like this. I do not think he should be censored, because I am not a sociopath, and have a multidigit I.Q.
6. He considers this elitism, and hates elitism, even though he considers his fellow rich White Republican American Premillenial Dispensationalist to be a billion times better than anyone.

Word Verification: Precita, a hateful, pretentious bitch, like Bruce Tinsley.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, 9/11 was supposedly done by mostly Saudis, so we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Taking standard White House logic, the US will now invade Syria. And then wonder why everyone hates us.

deepbeep said...

This seems familiar. He sure loves restating terrorists' names when they sound Muslim, doesn't he? Just like last time, this deserves the intro panel.

Frank Stone said...

"Haw haw -- yeah, cuz them lamestream media types -- hey, look, I'm jus' like Sarah! Hi, Sarah! -- uh, what wuz I talkin' about? Oh, yeah, them media guys love terrorists an' wanna make out with 'em an' hate us good, white Christians even though no white guys ever did no terrorist stuff! Glenn said so!"

Bill the Splut said...

Funny, how when a terrorist is a white Christian redneck crashing a plane into a Gummint building, Bruce forgets to scrawl a strip about it. But he always remembers when they're brown!

All terrorists, Muslim or Christian or Teabagger, have this in common: they're paranoid right wing fundie fanatics, religiously and/or politically, without a sense of reality, who demonize "THE OTHER" and use that to justify killing them, after being egged on by their equally fundie fanatic enablers in the media, who always claim innocence after the murders.

Hey, Bruce, have you used the mirror lately?

rewinn said...

Depressed people often seek negative comments about themselves. Whether this is merely to validate their sad feelings or is more intimately related to the nature of the disorder, it's becoming more clear that Mallard's endless quest for reasons to be unhappy is a cry for help.

Rey said...

Not a Southern Baptist, but a fundamentalist nonetheless. A pretty minute difference, really.

Kip W said...

Bill the Splut, he has a simple rule of thumb about terrorists:

If they're brown, drag 'em down.
If they're white, they're all right.