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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That damned shirt

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kids, clothes.

Mallard Fillmore: President Obama isn't acting in a bipartisan fashion. Oh, did I mention that all liberal educators hate America? Anyway, about that bipartisanship...


Rebochan said...

er...yes, Mallard. Tearing apart an American flag to wear it as a statement against the American government is the most patriotic way to support the flag...

ian said...

wearing a flag on Cinco De Mayo is rather obnoxious. or at least the comic reminded me of that more then "teachers hate America"

wv- conic, well imagine that a real word

Taquelli said...

Wait wait wait, weren't conservatives pissed when Kid Rock wore a flag? Now it's suddenly okay to wear a flag, even when using it as a mark of disrespect to others? Oh no, I remember what the problem was; Kid Rock was wearing the flag as a poncho, you know, the Mexican way. Can't have that.

Tog said...

Oh, dear. Time was, conservatives would wish bodily harm upon teenagers who treated the U.S. flag as clothing. But if white kids do it to try to provoke Latinos, Batshit's all for it.

Quote from linked article: "We're happy about Arizona's law, and you bet we're fired up," said Julie Fagerstrom, whose son, Dominic Maciel, wore one of the shirts. Dominic's father, who is no longer in his son's life, Fagerstrom said, is a first-generation Mexican-American.

Wow. Yes, surely patriotism is the primary factor there. Some more quotes:

"We respect them on Fourth of July," said sophomore Biana Coreas. "We don't go with our Mexican flags waving it up that day, so why can't they respect us (on Cinco de Mayo) too?"

"I'm kind of nervous about it," said senior Marina Schlaefli. "I'd rather this whole thing had never happened. It's making our school look bad, and it's not a bad school."

Sorry, Marina. Hate and provocation come first. Batshit would tell you they're what made America great--before all the mud people ruined it.

WV: oropedin--something Batshit might be prescribed for his assorted mental illnesses to make him less batshit.

Ducky is Right said...

Why, it's not like the American flag is flown in front of every school in the nation, or anything.

Wearing the flag? IOKIYAR! Otherwise you're probably a hippie or some other fake-American, who needs to be shot by the National Guard.

Also, Obama isn't a centrist, which makes him evil.

Fagerstrom? Like when Conan went to Sweden? Awesome.

exanonymous said...

Fagerstrom was in Finland, not Sweden.

Most kids are anarchists, they don't have much to conserve and their values and morals aren't terribly developed. Kids are also more likely to rebel against their parents than their teachers. Those that copy their parents can be scary, like the princess-like pink-wearing little kindergartner who told me in total seriousness that black and white people can't marry, while sitting next to a kid who had such parents.

In a more recent case there is the 16 year old and his father whose anti-government views led them to believe a shoot-out with the police was a good idea.

Kip W said...

Strictly speaking, wearing a flag is against the Flag Code that the Boy Scouts and civic organizations used to hand out. But then, so is writing your name on one, and we know that all these things go out the window IF (a) You are a Republican, or (b) You are doing it to piss off somebody who is not a Republican.

Similarly, if you meet one or the other of these requirements, it's also considered a mark of respect to whip a flag to death by hanging it off of your truck until there's nothing left but five stars and six stripes on a stick.

(These exceptions are a lot to keep track of for some folks, so they can be simplified to "it's okay if you're an asshole.")

Steve-O said...

Of course, if the kid was wearing Muslim garb the wingnuts would need smelling salts to revive them from fainting spells from the HORRA!!!

They would get up from the fainting couch and DEMAND the kid be sent home!

rewinn said...

Key point: that T-shirt was made in China.

The reichwing uses our patriotic symbol while supporting the continuing destruction of our actual nation through the export of jobs.

What A Country!

deepbeep said...

People were wearing US flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo? What a dick move.

Sorry, Mallard, but the "edgy, rebellious" kids are not likely to rebel by trying to squash multiculturalism. The generations since yours have no qualms associating with, or dating, people from other races and cultures. Ducks aren't on the endangered species list, but bigots like you are a dying breed.

Frank Stone said...

Of course, if those assclowns had REALLY wanted to piss off the Mexican students on Cinco de Mayo, they would have worn t-shirts with the FRENCH flag. But then, that would've involved, like, KNOWIN' stuff.

Tog said...

I grew up in The South That Keeps Claiming It's Gonna Rise Again, and I can tell you this was a stupid, stupid idea.

I'm curious about Batshit's opinion.

Rootbeer said...

Use of the United States Flag "as wearing apparel" is expressly disallowed by the US Flag Code.

It's the Law of the Land, Conservatives. Obey it or Get Out.

Bill the Splut said...

Hey, I'm gonna wear me a Confederate battle flag on Martin Luther King Day, HAW HAW! Maybe burn a cross. Free speech, y'all!