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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

That damned strategy

What's Mallard raving about today?

Retirement, Fannie Mae, Greece.

What a tool of the aristocracy Mallard Fillmore is. God forbid he criticize Goldman Sachs, BofA, JP Morgan, Citigroup, or AIG for taking money.


ian said...

speaking of Greece, this was rather funny: more funny then the tinz could ever be at least.

wv: "botlibra" robot believe in astrology?

exanonymous said...

It's hilarious because the guy needs a new retirement strategy as he doesn't have a dime to retire on.

See, he lost his job 6 years ago when they laid him off after the company shut down to shift production to a country with laxer standards. Due to the color of his skin, he had a difficult time with earning a more permanent position from temporary work, which only paid him about 15$ despite his experience. He took up a second shift and works overtime to pay for the health insurance premiums he has to buy from the private insurers. Due to the fact that he's getting up there in age as is his wife, medical expenses soak up what the mortgage of the small house he owns where he raised his kids doesn't. And even though he has no debt, his savings buffer has been repeatedly reduced by sudden emergencies, like the when the car brakes wore out.

And although he lucked out and now has had a permanent job for the past two years, the company's switched health insurance providers several times to save costs and he now pays over 50% of the cost out of pocket for the medications that get him through the day as he suffers from decades old injuries catching up with him. And he's looking forward to retirement and maybe spending time with the grandkids, except that it has been put off for at least another 15 years as that's the amount of time it would take for the company to provide retirement as well as his personal savings to accumulate again. And his wife's taken a part time job at a grocery store to help earn food and gas money, except her eyesight isn't so great, the store chain continues to use her on a "seasonal" basis as a "part time" employee and is getting annoyed with her inability to pull 16 hour shifts or work 50+ hours a week for 8$ an hour.

But it's all the gubmint's fault. This guy has never had a government job, never collected government benefits, was never a union member, and always negotiated and worked for private companies. He bootstrapped his way through life and no one cared. But the gubmint bailed out Greece, so it's all Obama's fault.

Dr.BGoode said...

So...he's not continuing the Biography of Abbie Hoffman from yesterday?

Kip W said...

Here's an even better idea, guy. Hire yourself out to be seen by the TV cameras at tea parties. There's got to be some money in that. If everybody at the rally throws a dollar at you, there's a couple hundred right there!

rewinn said...

Prior to Reaganomics, a hard-hat worker could look forward to a dignified retirement as a matter of course, thanks to the union.

P.S. where's that guy's birth certificate???

Steve-O said...

Maybe if Bush hadn't sent the guy's 401k into the toilet he wouldn't have to worry about his retirement. Oh sorry, Joe Scarborough told me I couldn't blame Bush anymore. THIS IS ALL OBAMA'S FAULT!!11!1!!!

deepbeep said...

Fannie Mae??? If you ask Tinsley about horrible oil disasters, he'll mention the time Jimmy Carter spilled half a quart of 5W40 on his engine block.

Tinsley Sociopath said...

Tinsley hates anyone who associates with Greece, because he thinks all greeks are gay.