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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Those damned Branches

What's Mallard raving about today?

Students, Government

I'm fear for our education system if students believe the government is made up of stuff that only exists in Mallard's fevered imagination.


Tog said...

Jeez, Batshit, just MOVE already. I'm sure some in Afghanistan would love to have you. ...More specifically, the Taliban.

You have a lot in common.

Marion Delgado said...

This Memorial Day, like all previous ones, will be observed by Tinsley by writing up hate pamphlets against teachers, just like our brave fighting men would have done had they lived.

exanonymous said...

Boot those kids out of high school and make them get a job! Better yet, boot them out of elementary school and make them get a job! Kids should earn money, not use my tax money!

The rant against public education is ridiculous. What are we supposed to do? Shut off children from institutions where they can learn to read and write because they're poor? Rely on charities to cover everyone everywhere, like a 3rd world country? Give them vouchers, which means my tax money goes to for-profit institutions that are potentially religious that perform the same functions a public one does, and thus ultimately my tax money is being given to profit institutions that are counter to the tenants of my faith?

Iron Dragon said...

The funny part in this is that it might best fall under unintentional self revelation. Tinsleys beliefs tend to be grossly simplified as well as not understanding much of the role of the government/constitution. In the same way we have strawstudent talking about the three branches, showing a great deal of ignorance and smugness at his supposed knowledge.

dlauthor said...

Once again, I'm betting that Tinshley is furious that the syndicate colorist ignored his cocktail-napkin-scribbled memo to make the kid "brown brown BROWN like whiskey dammit nor vodka!!!"

Because you know that's who he feels the gubmint is really coddling with his tax money.

rewinn said...

I encourage conservatives to keep saying stuff like this about their kids.

Politics ain't patty-cake and if cons are stupid enough to drive away the next generation, I say "bully!"

Ducky is Right said...

Has there really been nothing going on in the past month that warrants Mallard's, albeit limited, attention? Dude, North Korea sank a South Korean frigate. Gulf oil spill. And those are just off the top of my not-really awake head.
There's nothing going on in the right wing outrage machine, that you have to flog your asinine education rant for two weeks? Really?

Yes, Ducky. Government has never, ever done anything helpful or useful, ever. You're absolutely right. Life would be so much better if we styled ourselves after third world anarchist nations. Yes, there would be mass killings and cleansings, but think of all the liberty we'd enjoy before we got dragged out of our beds and executed in the streets by roving death gangs!

DharmaPete said...

It's no wonder Tinshley has such a hard-on for the public education system. Look how badly it let him down. Of course, none of it was his fault.

Kip W said...

As usual with Tinsley, the problem isn't what he doesn't know, it's what he knows that just isn't so.

Ducky is Right said...

Here's the thing.
Ducky, from what I can gather form his previous cave scribbles, er, "comics", believes that the education system failed him, because he had to stay with the rest of his class and do menial studies and was bored. Rather then allowing his to excel (snirk!) and be allowed to run free and ahead of his class mates, he had to stay in the same class as them.
Basically, he's mad because the school system didn't have the funding to put into place programs that would allow for that, which is why he's against funding schools.
I feel bad for his teacher, if Ducks truly was the hot-shoot student he remembers himself being. That's a tough gig.

VW: Ingent. The name the marketing people came up with for employees at Jurassic Park.

Steve-O said...

For someone who claims to be patriotic Tinsley sure does have contempt for out government. What taxes would he be in favor of? What government programs? If he doesn't like society (in the form of government) telling him what to do I would be more than happy to help him pack and buy him a one-way ticket to Somalia.

Why does Tinsley hate America?

Frank Stone said...


"WAAAHHH!!! I don't need your dumb ol' help! GO 'WAY!!

"WAAAHHH!!! You're tellin' me I can't do whatever I want whenever I want! You're a big mean DUMMY-HEAD!!

"WAAAHHH!!! You're makin' me PAY for the stuff I need! You're MEEEAN!! WAAAHHH!!! WAAH-AH-AAAAAHHHH!!!!"

Rootbeer said...

Idiot. The Dept. of Taking Care Of Me and the Dept. of Telling Me What To Do were consolidated into "Homeland Security" eight years ago.