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Sunday, May 16, 2010

That damned future

What's Mallard raving about today?

College, Psychology.

Like the situation is different for anyone with any degree?

In any event, how nice of Mallard to greet the approaching graduation season by mocking the hard work of those graduating. Stay classy, Mallard.

Oh, and Mallard...Carly Fiorina, Republican darling and ex-CEO of Hewlett-Packard? Medieval history and philosophy major.


rewinn said...

Is Mallard decrying our lack of mental health services for those who need them?

Or is he just disparaging as "unproductive" any professional help to the troubled, the mentally ill, and the drunkards?

Tog said...

Unproductive? Batshit is actually suggesting OTHER people are unproductive?


WV: Prodblyp. The primary sound effect inside Batshit's lower torso after a few cases of research.

Frank Stone said...

Congrats, Brucie -- it took you an entire week, but you finally added enough detail to that microphone for it to be recognizable as such.

Other than that, your "comic" strip continues to be an obscene waste of ink.

Ducky is Right said...

Go fuck yourself, Ducks.

exanonymous said...

Too bad many businesses will pay big money for those guys. Consultants. "Team builders". Safety designer. Someone who has studied human behavior can obtain jobs ranging from lame to vital to profitable. Psychology helps market products, creates a better working environment, and determines whether a design might lead to human error that could exacerbate a situation. It's all in the marketing of the skills. And those who have a harder time finding jobs still don't regret the major due to the skills it gave them for other aspects of their lives, particularly in raising children or dealing with a crisis.

And I find that people who resent psychology majors tend to be those who fear taking a good hard look at themselves.

Kip W said...

Tin put on the cap and gown and marched in graduation, and after all that, nobody beat a path to his door and offered him lots of money. He had to go on to junior high school, and he's been bitter ever since.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I know a psychologist, a friend of my father, who is very successful, somewhat wealthy, and works very hard. Tinsley, on the other hand, is saying that anyone in the health care industry, especially mental health, is a lazy idiot, and should be ashamed of his work, because social services are evil.

This series so far:

Day one: Insurance is evil.
Day two: Demanding change in a flawed system is evil.
Day three: Diversifying one's knowledge is evil.
Day four: Science, and, therefore, technology is evil.
Day five: Social services, and health care are evil.

My guess for day six was that Tinsley would that not killing everyone who is unlike himself is evil. I think that message is implicit in the idea that health care, and social services are evil, so I think I deserve, at least, half credit for that prediction. I could not predict, exactly, what Tinsley would say because I am not a sociopathic retarded lunatic.

Word Verification: Droopy, like Tinsley's kidneys and liver after drinking Wood-Grain alcohol, and the, natural, state of his brain.

Steve-O said...

I suspect that he's right, but not for the reasons he thinks. The reason he's right is that any college shitty enough to have a
3rd-rate journalist who, by the way, happens to be a duck, give the commencement speech at its graduation ceremony probably doesn't have the best record of graduates getting high-paying, quality jobs.

rewinn said...

@Tinslye: Sociopath -

- Perhaps Mallard's total lack of joy in life stems from some problem in his creator's mind. Conservativism has always claimed that nothing could get better than some mythical golden age of the past (before all this gummint interference!!!) but the sheer a-hedonic sad masochistic anger of today's teabaggers really seems pathological.

Perhaps there's a reason Tinshley is saying today that psychology is unproductive. It has not helped him, for which he deserves our compassion.

Bruce T said...

You know for a supposdly foward thinking group, you "guys" have rally clingd onto my D.U.I for a long while, it happened in 06, and yet I'm stuck in the past? Lol.

dlauthor said...

"... and instead squeaked through a degree in poli sci, but can draw a duck badly and scrawl down whatever Rush Limbaugh was bloviating on today, all while living off right-wing welfare -- well, then the world is your oyster. Oh, wait, forget that -- that job's taken. You're screwed. Where did I leave my scotch?"

Steve-O said...

@Bruce T,

Maybe if you made sense every once in a while, and quit using idiotic tranparently crude strawmen to make your "point", we could assume you were off the sauce.

CW in LA said...

"rally clingd"?

I dunno, looks like someone's spelling under the influence. There's a nice run-on sentence in there, too.

So why the constant bashing on education, Tinsh? It doesn't look like you've ever really tried it.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT--Brucie actually coming out and ADMITTING that he reads this blog? That's beautiful. Now he has no excuse--he can't even pretend anymore that he's somehow UNAWARE of how horrible his cartoon is. So which is it that allows you to Carry on, Bruce--massive delusions of competence, or deep-seated self-loathing? Or both? I'm just curious.

exanonymous said...

BT's right. We should be more conservative and mock even older mistakes by dead democrats like Ted Kennedy. BAD LIBRULS!

Rootbeer said...

Really? "Psychology" is the wishy-washy Liberal Arts Degree you choose to mock?

rewinn said...

I'd like to encourage Bruce to come talk.

Who knows, maybe we can have a conversation. I have my doubts but what the heck.

deepbeep said...

"Bruce T" is obviously a fake; the real Bruce would know that it's DUIs, plural.

Besides, the issue isn't about endangering people's lives on the road as it is about drawing horribly uninspired cartoons.