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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That damned Backlash

What's Mallard raving about today?

Stonings, Lashings, Beheadings.

Mallard Fillmore attempts to make the case for equivalence between revulsion over stoning and lack of revulsion over automatically assuming all Muslims are terrorists.

Yup, sounds about right for someone of Mallard's towering intellect.


Tog said...

Oh, God, do we have to go over the list of horrible crimes committed in the name of Christianity--some of which are going on yet today, and here in America--AGAIN?

Apparently we do.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

It's only terrorism when scary brown people do it. When white people do it, we call it Freedom Bombing.

Ducky is Right said...

well, white folks have been responsible for the most far-reaching expansionist, colonialist, and imperialist policies, not to make mention of a large chunk of the most devastating wars in human history, in the span of the last 400 years.
But yeah, no, some muslim nations still stone people and practice corporal punishment, so they're pretty much violent savages who deserve to die.

It's pretty easily to be morally indignant when all your mirrors are covered, eh ducks? Hey, anyone remember that passage in the Bible where God orders the Jews to slaughter a peaceful people to the last, and take their land as their own?

Kip W said...

Another example of the right's Toilet Paper Strategy: Giving a shit about religious extremism Over There so we don't have to give a shit about it over here.

dlauthor said...

Mallard should really be more worried about sauteeing, roasting, and confiting.

Tinshley, meanwhile, pees his BVDs daily about the eeeevil Mussulmen and their religion's vile prohibition of alcohol.

rewinn said...

"....Tinshley, meanwhile, pees his BVDs daily about the eeeevil Mussulmen and their religion's vile prohibition of alcohol."

... which is why today's Mallard is drawn obviously wearing Depends.


Prediction: three weeks from now, we'll see the empty-crotched duck complaining about Nicholas Kristoff's "Apology to Muslims"!

deepbeep said...
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deepbeep said...

If the duck I ate last night was half as bigoted as Mallard Fillmore, I just did the world a huge favor in Chinatown.

Monday: racism
Tuesday: religious bigotry
Let's see if he shoots the moon and goes sexist tomorrow!

Kaitlyn said...

Hey, Mallard, should we do away with the death penalty in the US?


And Iran? We really want to talk about bloody friggin IRAN? All people know about Iran is the hostage crisis... not the coups not the meddling... you can't talk about the bloody region without talking about our involvement! FFS, Iraq didn't exist until after WW1. And those freaking BRITS and *rambles on incoherently, remembering things from her class on Modern Middle East*