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Monday, September 06, 2010

That damned coverage

What's Mallard raving about today?

Speaker Pelosi, The Media.

The Mainstream Media are flogging the Ground Zero Mosque story using the framing the Right Wing wants, despite the fact that there is nothing but dishonesty behind every word.

But that's not enough for Mallard Fillmore...


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

I held my nose, visited newsbusters, and found the source of Mallard's whining. Basically, Pelosi wonders why we're spending so much time on stupid bullshit when we have real issues to deal with. Naturally, the pro-stupid-bullshit faction takes extreme umbrage at this question.

Beef wellington said...

Pray tell Fuckduck where is your coverage of the various fuck ups bush had?

How bout the your coverage of the constant fuck ups of the republican party?

How bout your coverage of the blatent lies and inaccuracies fox spews daily?

Tog said...

Junior Bush creates "free speech zones" far, far from the President's eyes in which to herd anyone who might challenge his apocalyptic fantasyland; Mallard says nothing.

Nancy Pelosi seeks to expose the hand of the GOP behind a ginned-up media "controversy;" Mallard declares America officially transformed into the USSR2.

Good dog, Batshit. Is that lap warm?

exanonymous said...

What's with the smug look and the reference to ministry of information?

And I heard about Pelosi's call into investigating the opposition of the community center. From the mainstream media no less. But hey, I saw a quote that summed up conservatism quite nicely:

"I'm just saying what I feel is true."

Kip W said...

We all know that nobody could have anything but the finest motives for opposing the so-called mosque at (for some wide values of "at") Ground Zero, the sacred site where religious militants murdered 3,000 people the Ducktard wouldn't give a shit about if they were still alive and on fire.

Kip W said...

The scene presented of an office full of identical ducktards suggests that Mallard already works for a shadow Ministry of Information — or SMINFO — dedicated to pushing whatever narrative Fox is on about this week. And by "this week," I obviously mean three weeks ago.

Steve-O said...

For the umpteenth time Tinsley, how about some facts? Fact number one (and I really wish I could emphasize this more) IT'S NOT AT GROUND ZERO . Fact number two, IT'S NOT A MOSQUE .

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? The facts mean about as much to Tinsely as they do any other right-wing media darling, zero.

deepbeep said...

I get the impression that Mallard thinks he's amazingly clever for busting out a Ministry of Information reference. I might give you some credit if you break out a Brave New World reference, since that's something we should be more worried about than turning into the USSR overnight.

rewinn said...

Is this the best Labor Day cartoon ever, or what?

(answer: "or what")