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Monday, September 13, 2010

That damned Validation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Glenn Beck, Howard Dean.

Mallard Fillmore just confirmed that Glenn Beck is crazy.

Not that it needed confirmation that the Father Coughlin of 2010 is crazy. I'm just surprised that Mallard Fillmore is the one doing it.

I admit it's also possible that Mallard is so mentally-challenged he can't follow the logic of his own insane rantings.


Ducky is Right said...

Correct me, but shouldn't that read "wasn't enough"? Weren't (were not) implies a plural of something, like this strip read, "And if those 5 shots of jaegermeister weren't enough..." then it would be correct.

So, Ducky doesn't know math, and he doesn't know English, he doesn't know Government, and he Doesn't know art. Christ, it's like he's the equivalent to a 80's cartoon henchman.

Define 'success', spanky. Getting 60,000 people to a rally that was being hawked for months by a major television network isn't really that hard.

I never understood the "Howard Dean is a crazy man" thing.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

I hate to defend ducky in any shape or form, but the phrase is a counterfactual introduced by "if," meaning it's in the subjunctive mood, meaning "weren't" is appropriate.

What's NOT appropriate, though, is for ducky to devote what is very likely to be an entire week of duck-fellation without some sort of parental-advisory. Some of us don't think that kind of thing's acceptable in a family newspaper, Tinsley!

Tog said...

No, no, no, you see, GEESE flew overhead while Beck was worshiping himself; that means God sent his approval! And that he's not crazy at all! I mean, when do BIRDS ever FLY in the AIR? It's WILD!!!1

Meanwhile, Batshit's beloved teabaggers are blaming Beck's masturbatory display for stealing their thunder and participants. (To be fair, they're also blaming the weather--how can you have an armed uprising and revolution if it's too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry? George Washington would've given up if it was below fifty outside!) Have fun resolving that, Batshit.

Don't overlook the two truly outstanding things about this strip:

(1) Batshit drew it two weeks ago. He understood full well the corporate-owned "liberal" media would overestimate the crowd into a "success" (and that wrong-wing pundits would still whine that they were underestimated); and

(2) Batshit is still gleefully celebrating the character assassination of Dean. The audio of the "Dean Scream" was altered, and most of us are surely aware of that by now, including Batshit.

In short, Batshit = liar and scumbag. That's hardly news, but it grows increasingly harder for him to pretend otherwise.

Kip W said...

The thing about Dean is that during a rally, when everybody was cheering, he cheered along, and they had a microphone focused on him in such a way they were able to remove everybody else from the sound, and this was played, again and again, as proof that he was unhinged. It's all they have. If he hadn't done it, they'd have nailed him as a zombie for not screaming along.

It is, in short, a case of the pot being called black by the icebox. Tinsley's sense of shame was surgically removed years ago along with the remaining traces of professionalism.

Rootbeer said...

Bruce Tinsley's attempts to draw actual public figures usually can be recognized as caricature, albeit bad caricature (and in the case of President Obama's inexplicably elongated head, carrot-cature).

If that marionette in the middle panel was intended to be a depiction of Howard Dean's infamous scream from the prehistoric year of 2004, there's certainly no visual clues indicating it.

dlauthor said...

"Don't make fun of my multiple alcohol infractions! They were just a moment in my life!" slurred the unfairness cartoonist as he made fun of the Dean Scream.

rewinn said...

Beck promised his rally would be a life-changing experience, that we'd tell our grandchildren we were privileged to see it because of "The Plan" would be unveiled there?

In those terms, it was sort of a "success" if by "success" you mean "pathetic failure".

wavydavy said...

@rewinn --

Well, isn't that the standard wingnut/MF definition of "success"? You know, as how the war in Iraq was a "success", and tax cuts for the rich were a "success", and rebuilding New Orleans is a "success"...

Gosh, no wonder people want to vote for them again in 2010 after all that "success".

Frank Stone said...

Welcome back from 2004, Brucie. How was the weather?

deepbeep said...

The "ultimate validation" would be Bruce Tinsley saying you lack talent. Most people progress from drawing limbs with acute angle marionette joints in, what, sixth grade?

Tog said...

Off-topic: "Alarum! Alarum! Girl Scouts are making America gay!!"

I can't wait to see Batshit's strip about THAT.

Marion Delgado said...

I think we need to start sending Juggalo literature to Tinsley. This can be a fruitful and "miraculous" alliance

... problem: there is no Juggalo literature.

maybe picture books?

The Miracles video?

Call it Juggalo Illiterature

Rootbeer said...

Howard Dean also said he thought Cordoba House somewhere other than its address 2 1/2 blocks from Ground Zero.

I guess that "proves" that the project should continue as planned, if we're basing policy on "do the opposite of what a failed Democratic primary contender who hasn't held any position of influence in almost two years says."