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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

That damned Investigation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Speaker Pelosi, Ground Zero Mosque.

Perhaps she suspended it after Jon Stewart demonstrated that the same man funding the nontroversy (a part owner of Fox) is also a funder of the Muslim Community center.

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Tog said...

Because it's liberals who are all psycho about fluoride in drinking water, amirite?

And because FOXNews is the only news source that covered this story, amirite? (Also wrong.)

Unintentional hilarity: Batshit is flogging FOXNews one day after whining hysterically about what he perceives as an administration-based "ministry of information."

Ducky is Right said...

Though, I was honestly surprised by how this one ended. Insofar as it was more goddamn stupid and lazy then I was expecting.
Who'd fluoridating your water? The water treatment plant. They've been doing it for decades; it's common knowledge.
Hypnotizing her cat? I don't even know how to respond to that. Christ.

Kip W said...

We don't know who's hypnotizing Pelosi's cat, but I can guess who's making Tin Eye stupid.*

Anonymous said...

No need to investigate. We know who the opponents are, and they're a proud but quite motley crew:
the ADL
and their monied backers.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley doesn't worry about fluoride in the water, because the last time he drank anything less than about 60 proof, Gerald Ford was president.

Also, his fantasizing about Nancy Pelosi's "cat" is downright disturbing. Save your fapping for the men's room at the bar, Bruce.

deepbeep said...

The guy who drew this, this and this is accusing someone of being paranoid?!

Frank Stone said...

Not only that, deepbeep, but one of Brucie's early tweets wondered if HE had made the White House's "enemies list" yet. Pot, meet kettle.

So Brucie claims to engage in 80-90 hours of research a week in order to produce his, er, thing. Yet, the only sources of "information" he ever cites are Fox News, Newsbusters,, and Newsmax. Behold "Mallard Fillmore": the intellectual equivalent of a kid who eats nothing but junk food and candy every day, and is completely oblivious to the reality that he's morbidly obese, his internal organs are deteriorating, and his teeth are rotting.

WV: djhot: The Kevin Federline wannabe that is Brucie's hip-hop persona during karaoke night at the bar.

rewinn said...

What timing!

Fox News has financial connections to nuclear-armed, terror state North Korea
Kim Bowls for Murdoch Dollars With Korean Video Games

(Meanwhile, in today's "comic", Tinshley backpeddles on his dire warning about Pelosi attacking the 1st Amendment. Reichwingers can re-word what she actually said all they want but the facts are plain: as Speaker of the House, she can get investigations started, and she never tried; as a citizen, she has the 1st Amendment right to call for investigating who's funding a media campaign, and she did that. Imagine if Glenn Beck knew his Fear Of The Day was connected to Arabs and North Koreans!)

rewinn said...

P.S. Wall of text plus two duck heads equals most worthless comic in the USA.

exanonymous said...

Or she suspended it having made her point that the mosque is not being opposed because the pundits really believe a Burlington coat factory is sacred ground, and as a direct response to FOX's take on the funding for the community center.