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Monday, September 20, 2010

Those damned Groups

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Bowlers, Cyclists, Adoptive parents.

The reason we criticize Glenn Beck's brain-washed horde is because they are so brain dead and inflammatory as to insinuate that something like adopting Black babies should be anything but applauded for what it is.

These brain-washed hordes suffer from such deep-seated racism, it is invisible to them and they are incapable of seeing the clear racist overtones in making such a statement.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...


HT said...

All I have to say about this one is this: What if a black couple adopts a white kid, Tinz?

Taquelli said...

Wow, that is a horrible and racist statement. "Yeah, that's right, white people totally pick up the slack by adopting all the babies that those welfare mothers leave in dumpsters. Also, they like really boring sports."

Also, according to the USAToday last year (actual research, natch), this is also blatantly incorrect to boot. Nice work, Tinsley.

Tog said...

Once again I'm runnin' late and have to examine another angle, lost in the furor over Batshit's blatant bigotry:

Three weeks after the (non-)event, NOBODY GIVES A CRAP about Glenn Beck's pathetic, self-aggrandizing attempt to "take back the Civil Rights Movement from them darkies." Hell, Batshit himself is probably looking at today's strip and trying to remember what he was in such a piss-tizzy about.

But yeah, Bats, you racist pig turd:
a toilet seat that smokes a cigar/
forever that is what you are/
a toilet seat that smokes a cigar.
The end.

Bill the Splut said...

"...or the Klan or the Aryan Nation! BLACK BABIES HUR HUR!"

As my grandfather used to say, "He has a point, but if he wears a hat no one will notice."

Kip W said...

Motorcyclists, bowlers, and my fellow adoptive parents aren't trying to tell me how to run my life the way teabaggers are. They aren't trying to claim they represent any kind of majority the way teabaggers do. I see more black people at the bowling alley than I have at teabagger rallies so far.

Rootbeer said...

Oh, wow.

That sure took an abrupt turn from "Stuff White People Like" to "Black people are irresponsible", didn't it?

CW in LA said...

I guess The Tinsh spends part of his 80-90 hours a week of Research watching reruns of Diff'rent Strokes and Webster.

I'm also pretty sure he spends his life in a drunken haze because, if he were to sober up, he'd notice how awful the things he says are.

NickE said...

Well, Tinz, you racist asshole, Newsday replaced your vomit with one of your backup strips today, in which I think you were complaining about cheese.

Honestly, you're showing the skill level of someone from Nigeria or Ethiopia.

On the other hand --

Is anybody from this group planning to go to 10/30's Rally To Restore Sanity? I've got my hotel booked...

Rootbeer said...

"Is anybody from this group planning to go to 10/30's Rally To Restore Sanity? I've got my hotel booked..."

I'll be there, dry-erase poster in tow.

ajm said...

And according to Bruce's tweets, this is the week of strips he says feature his BEST writing in awhile. Hang on tight!

dlauthor said...

I am unaware of cyclists who bike hither and yon lugging pictures of the president dressed as a stereotypical witch doctor. Perhaps Tinshley bikes in different circles.

On the other hand, yay white people for saving all those unwanted black babies! Darkies, amirite? Now if someone would just rescue the children of chronic alcoholics on wingnut welfare.

Oh, and furthermore: what media are still even talking about Beck's bloviation on the Mall? I think even the great Gasbag of Latter-Day Saints has moved on.

Anonymous said...

Golly, you liberals are so smart can tell just from looking at people on TV that they're racists. Wish I could judge people from appearances like that!

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Yeah, we're so smart we can tell people are racist just from hearing them say incredibly racist things! How DO we manage it?

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Is anybody from this group planning to go to 10/30's Rally To Restore Sanity? I've got my hotel booked...

No, because I can't stand Stewart's false-equivalency bullshit between far-left "extremists" (eg, people who aren't that happy about hundreds of thousands of people dying in a meaningless war) and far-right extremists (eg, people shrieking about death panels). Fuck that noise. Civility does not equal decency.

NickE said...

Anonymous: Here are some clues.

When a man walks by wearing a yarmulke, he is most likely Jewish.

When a man walks by wearing a particularly-tailored brown shirt and has a swastika shaven into the side of his head, odds are that he fancies himself a Nazi.

When a guy is shown on TV holding a sign with a picture of Obama with a bone through his nose, chances are good he's a racist.

Now, let's move to the intermediate chapter, wherein you are trying to judge a book by imaginary covers that exist only in your mind:

When a man wears a turban, he is STILL not likely to be a terrorist.

When Obama tries to create a social safety net, this does NOT make him Karl Marx.

Now, the expert chapter:

Here's a member of the Hollywood Elite, the head of a union, an an admirer of Roosevelt's New Deal policies. He's probably gay, right?

Anonymous said...

False equivalency? Ten-plus years of "Clinton/Gore/Kerry (and now Obama) are just as bad as Bush," and "Democrats are the same as Republicans," and now I'm hearing a lecture about false equivalency? For real?

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

So your question is, "after ten years of hearing Naderites claiming there's no difference between the parties, you're claiming that it's wrong to equate Code Pink with insane teabaggers?" Um...not sure what the first part of that question has to do with the second part, but yes, that's what I'm claiming. Any more moronic questions?

Anonymous said...

on the upside, surely this will get him dropped from a few newspapers?

WV: symplahs - those who attend Train Beck rallies

deepbeep said...

The media continue to criticize the event for containing "mostly white people"... Really? Since there's quotes around that, I'd be interested to hear whom you're quoting.

Also, the families who adopt black children are as overwhelmingly white as the Beck rally? Let me check the numbers on that... nope, that's racist.

Steve-O said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, it's funny because Bruce Tinsley is so fucking clueless he thinks that saying that mostly white people adopt black babies makes him look LESS racist.

rewinn said...

I'd rather support the One Nation Working Together Rally Oct 2 but since it doesn't have a chance of being endlessly flogged by media figures, it could have an actually half-million people show up and the headline would be "Nothing Happened!"

Stewart and Colbert are comic geniuses and patriots who get away with sticking a thumb in their owners' eye only because they do the False Equivalency thing. They saw what happened to Bill Maher.

As for today's "comic": it's living proof that King Features is saving money by eliminating any form of editorial assistance to their cartoonists. A sober assessment of Beck's failed 8/28 rally would conclude that 3 weeks later, NO-ONE would be talking about it, and Mallard Fillmore would look stupid by insisting that anyone would.

But I thank the Drinkster's hard work to alienate every minority in our great nation. The next decade may be one of turmoil, but the die is cast; two decades hence there will be *no* majority race in America.

Kip W said...

Teabaggers aren't 99% white because they're racist! It's because they share common interests, like bowling, motorcycling, and adopting black babies.

wavydavy said...

FHMC GeoX --

I'm with you on that one.

Rethuglicans claiming that Obama is a Marxist socialist fascist Muslim radical Christian Kenyan usurper is absolutely NOT the same as saying that George Bush is a war criminal. The (obvious) reason for any lack of equivalency is that the first statement is made-up bullshit and the second one is an actual fact*. The lack of a trial and conviction for war crimes does not make Chimpy McFlightSuit any more innocent than O.J.'s lack of conviction made him.

I felt the same way about Stewart's coverage of the phony ACORN "scandal". Still waiting for his apology on that one.

*Yes, it is a fact.