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Sunday, September 12, 2010

That damned Patootie

What's Mallard raving about today?


I got a couple more for you, Rush...

If the US has dropped to 23rd in Education and this fact bothers someone, how low must theirIQ be to also reflexively oppose any increase in spending for Education just because that spending is done by the gummint?

If the US being 23rd in Education is disturbing to someone, how large a hypocrite must that same person be to defend the status quo when US healthcare ranks 37th in the world?


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

"Making the quizzes more relevant to our lives" also for some reason involves including math problems without enough information to be solvable.

Tog said...

Jesus Christ. I am actually grateful that Batshit's a bad cartoonist; can you imagine him teaching children?

(Of course, if he were a teacher, his stance on "questioning conventional wisdom" would be VERY different... "Go stand in the corner while I cut a switch, you effeminate SOCIALIST!!")

Frank Stone said...

Just FYI, Brucie: Our abysmal ranking in math and science education is due in no small part to your anti-intellectual, anti-science right-wing "Christian" buddies, who've spent the last umpteen years trying to drag us back to the Dark Ages. After all, who needs science when you've got GAWD and the BAH-BULL?

Marion Delgado said...

teachers are goldbrickers. How long does it take to teach 7 days, 6,000 years, 1 Flood?

Ducky is Right said...

Oh where to begin.
First of all, Hey retard: your question is unanswerable. Why? Because you gave no reference point for when the time line begins; as such, there is no X value to plot.
You would know that if you weren't a moron.
And, see, I WOULD say that it's ironic that someone complaining so bitterly about education standards got such a basic mathematical function wrong, but that would be giving him too much cleverness credit.
Second, your proposition would assume a linear path, which is more then likely not correct.
Third, where the fuck does Rush go to school, the prop shop for a bad 1950s sci-fi movie set?

exanonymous said...


This is a stupid math question. To create an equation to describe the rate and therefore solve the problem, one needs the year the US was #1. Please, in the future, provide both coordinates to the first point so that a function can be fitted and the problem solved.

Unless we never led the world in those areas.

Oh, and we're having our butts kicked by countries that offer free education up through college run by the government. Go talk to Finland about the superiority of privatizing.

ajm said...

We're also having our butts kicked by countries where only the top 10 to 20 percent of students get educated. Our sin is trying to educate EVERYBODY.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I am so offended by this cartoon, even though I agree there are a lot of retards, like Bruce Tinsley, in the country. Tinsley hates education: Teachers teach us about facts that he refuses to believe, such as medicine, science, evolution, foreign culture, social inequities, history, and logic. A man with an I.Q. of 10, who refuses to educate himself in the slightest way has no right to complain about educational standards.

Speaking of retards, they are the majority throughout the world; America, however, has made them more obvious by grouping them into organizations such as the Republican Party, Premillenial Dispensationalists, Creationists, and Objectivists.

Word Verification: Sweive, a synonym of sieve, Tinsley's brain is a swieve through which all information drains.

dlauthor said...

This from a guy who can't keep track of how many weeks away Veterans Day is, or how many beers put him over the legal limit.

rewinn said...

"...we're having our butts kicked by countries that offer free education up through college run by the government."

This is possibly the most important observation of all.

The means that Tinshley and the other anti-intellectuals promote have been tried in other countries, and failed. So why does they want to try them here?

Iron Dragon said...

There are few words to describe how frustrating this is. Tinsley bashes on teachers, bashes on new teaching methods, he seems to want no discussion in classes or nothing that challenges the base status quo. In essence he is opposed to education in almost all forms.

If we were beating other nations in science and math some of it might have been because of things like the GI bill giving us a lot of college educated former soldiers as well as a larger middle class due to lack of foreign competition and money saved during the war meaning that education was an option for more young people.

We also saw an upsurge in people attending high school and college. This meant that publicly funded schools had to stretch resources among greater numbers of students. Not to mention technology revolutions could often invalidate what we had spent four years learning.

I could also point to people using homsechooling to teach their children religious views instead of science. Or the idea that bronze age superstution is equated to scientific peer review. Or I could point out that funding cuts to schools and teachers being blamed instead of problems in the system, or trying to use a one size fits all plan for all the schools in america, or basing funding on a standardized test...

Sorry, education is a big thing with me and it's sort of my berserk button with ol Tinsley.

Kip W said...

If school was really any good, it'd be on TV anyway.

Kip W said...

Tog, if Tin's worldview was actually accurate, and teachers are really ignorant morons who know nothing of their topic, he'd be teaching cartooning.

Ducky is Right, that's not technically an ellipsis, it's the "three dots of irony," which denote that whatever was just said is a real knee-slapper of an ironic statement, with flapping eyebrows and significant glances.

Now right about now, you're raising your hand and saying, "But he used four dots! He always uses four dots!" Yes, but this is because he can't count very well, and once he starts making those dots, it's just so hard for him to stop.

deepbeep said...

Ellipsing is indeed like drinking for him; he is always over the legal limit, and doesn't know when to stop. He's fortunate there are no EUI laws.

Anyone else notice the hats spell out "KKK"? I'd think this was a coincidence, but there have been those Nazi salutes in the classroom as well...

Steve-O said...

When since the 1950's has anyone used the word "patootie"? Did Tinsley do a little too much "research" and have a fantasy in which he woke up in 1958? (It would certainly explain some of his recent "comics")

Ducky is Right said...

Well, it IS hip to be square, Steve-O. Where's my sea-foam prom dress?!

Kip, I would agree if the idea was to give an open ended, 'trailing off' type of irony. Say, "Well, they did say they were trying to make tests more relevant to us...". That implies some ambiguity.
But this is a statement. Why is this question so kooky? Because they made the tests more relevant to us.

It's a subtle difference, to be sure, but it's there.

Tog said...

Batshit just has a little trouble telling the dots he's drawing from the ones floating in front of his eyes, that's all.

(Looks at Monday's strip)
Is it any wonder that Batshit constantly celebrates this great moment in video editing and content-free character smearing long after it has lost all relevance?

Rootbeer said...

In what year did the U.S. lead the world in math [sic] and science [sic] education?

If you knew the answer, you might be able to provide a logical (though still invalid) answer to the word problem.

Then again, if you had an answer, you wouldn't have posed the problem in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Maybe spending money isn't the only answer, but just one component of what makes for a good education? Look at the comparative amounts spent by the top 20 nations. It's not how much you spend.