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Friday, September 10, 2010

That damned Tragedy

What's Mallard raving about today?

September 11, Universities.

Typical Mallard Fillmore nonsense.

The view that the Right Wing's pants-wetting capitulation to the terrorists has led to an age of anger and xenophobia that is not in keeping with American values does not mean that 9-11 itself was not a tragedy.

It just means that Mallard is an anger-filled cheese-eating surrender monkey.


Tog said...

...Whereas Batshit knows in his oh-so-Christian heart that it is wonderful that America is becoming increasingly bitter and xenophobic.

Say, shouldn't that demonic college professor strawman be twirling his mustache and cackling with evil glee? Where are his horns?

(Speaking of false Christians: Three guesses which party supported bookburner Terry Jones back when he was spouting his hate over in Germany? Why weren't they doing more to speak out against their radical members?)

Ducky is Right said...

Say what you will, but EVERYONE wants to get into Professor 1920s Moneybags' class.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Isn't Tinny even a little worried that there might actually be a Hell?

WV: lessn, what Batshit's salary depends on him not learning. Or maybe what his brain cells do as his liver embiggens.

Toots McGee said...

I'm thinking of coming up with some licensed collegiate apparel emblazened with Tinsley's favorite straw institution of higher learning: Near U. (The mascot is a duck who has wet his pampers)

As to the "substance" of today's thing, I don't know, I guess it has some kind of sick gestalt ring to it, that is if you see everything through a black and white, either/or, good or evil lens. These are the the founding principles of Near U., where you can get a philosphy degree in a week and a half and a education degree by shotgunning a Pabst Blue Ribbon and holding your breath for 3 minutes.

Steve-O said...

Well, the professor is actually correct here. Our country has behaved like scared little children ever since a band of extremist nutbags got lucky nine years ago (well actually only one group of people have behaved like scared little children, the Neo-cons, but I chalk a lot of that up to intellectual dishonesty and politics).

Rootbeer said...

The only possible refutation of Col. Mustard's proclamation here would be to point out that America was bitter and xenophobic long before 9/11, and that the attacks in 2001 merely gave many people an excuse to be more openly horrible. But that's nitpicking.

Perhaps Bruce Tinsley could ask the Chinese, Russians, Arabs, Japanese, blacks, Germans, Jews, Irish, Chinese again, Catholics, Mexicans, and Native Americans whether the United States has historically been xenophobic.

wavydavy said...

Actually, that would apply to all those you list except the Native Americans.

The correct question for Native Americans would be to ask them if the United States has been genocidal. Kinda hard to call them "foreigners" since they were here first.

dlauthor said...

Professor Evil Rumpole of the Bailey has a point, but really he's only talking about the people who peed themselves and started invading countries willy-nilly and threatening to burn books and filling angry mobs' heads with the rhetorical equivalent of monkey-flung poop. You know, the Party of Personal Responsibility -- or, alternately, the ones who let the terrorists win.

Also, Rootbeer, don't you realize that in Tinshley's mind the mud people don't count*?

And Neo, I expect Bruce wants to go to hell, because he heard they'll let you drive drunk there.

* Except certain Asians when they're working hard and/or being good at math rather than eating dogs all the time, that lunatic he wanted to run for President (Williams?), and any Mexican responsible for making tequila.

Beef Wellington said...

If only 9/11 didn't happen, Then there would be no xenophobia, At least that's what todays strip would lead you to believe.

WV: Frailgo Used to describe tinsley's frail and often sensitive ego.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile President Obama approves the NYC Mosque under the guise of religious freedom but at the same time shuns Qur'an burning, Guess we're ignoring the other freedoms eh?

Steve-O said...


It's not up to President Obama to approve or disapprove anything when it comes to religious freedom, we all have the right to build any community center we want as long as it's privately funded and zoned appropriately. As for "shunning" the Quran burning, I have no idea what you're talking about.

rewinn said...

Let's make 911 a day of national healing.

If only to annoy the haters ;-)

Kip W said...

"A terrible tragedy befell America — the occupant of the White House, by his criminal negligence, allowed a horrible attack on our shores, which stopped, for a time, the precipitous decline of his approval ratings as his political enemies, anxious to show solidarity, allowed him to ram through a series of programs reducing the freedom of all but the richest Americans, the damage from which continues to this day.

"Nuts, I forgot to tell a joke."

Tog said...

Yeah, Jones' First Amendment rights are really being trampled all over. Just like poor "Dr." Laura's.

deepbeep said...

Shouldn't this guy be attending to the damsel he tied to the railroad tracks?

mallardfillmore tweets: "Just got off deadline , for the week of september 20- 25. I wrote well for the first time in a couple of weeks"

Hoo-boy. Be prepared for 10 days of Mallard Fillmore that even the author thinks is badly written.

dlauthor said...

I see Anonyrast is violating his court order to stay off the Internet. Someone alert to keep an eye out for him.

Anyway, 'rast, I'm a bit surprised that you're against Park 51. I would have thought your dislike of the idea of a place where brown people congregate would get outweighed by the fact that, as a community center, it would be a gathering place for boys and girls under 18. Never mind -- if you move into Lower Manhattan, you'll still be required by law to inform them of your presence and your proclivities.

Bill the Splut said...

Please read A Brief Note Regarding Hallowed Ground (Updated with Startling Photo Evidence).

This poster not responsible for resultant head splosions.

ajm said...

I've said it here before and I'll say it again: To Bruce Tinsley, invading Iraq and staying in Afghanistan 9+ years was always more about sticking it to American lefty strawmen (the professors, the journalists) than about improving actual Middle Easterners' lives.

And being snubbed by an Ivy Leaguer makes Tinsley feel just as much a 9/11 victim as someone on one of the four planes or someone in the WTC or the Pentagon.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Normally I wouldn't comment on a post this many days afterwards, but you know what was on my university campus the day this comic came out? Right in front of the miniature American flags forming the numbers "9/11" on the quad, there was a booth covered with "Impeach Obama" posters that had pictures of Obama with a Hitler moustache. And that's not bitter at all.