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Saturday, September 04, 2010

That damned Season

What's Mallard raving about today?


Yep, those athletes can get into some serious trouble...

Of course, most of them are probably not so stupid as to not realize that the NFL season is not "really underway." In fact, it has not even started yet.

For Christ's sake, Mallard. Are you preternaturally incapable of getting even the simplest facts right?


Tog said...

So, anyone wanna venture a guess why Batshit considers that a "punchline?"

It is because he thinks drug abuse and domestic violence are funny? Given Batshit's own history and the attitude he gives Mallard towards women, it's quite possible.

Or it is because he assumes any such charges to be false, living as we do in a socialist tyranny of political correctness that forever seeks to punish those who excel?

Could it be because he assumes any such charges to be true, what with all the other-than-white players in the NFL?

Batshit used to unintentionally serve up creepy self-revelations. Now, apparently aware of that, he's bending over, breaking wind, and expecting the world to interpret it.

exanonymous said...

Ah, the Rush Limbaugh approach.

The NFL is full of thugs and evil men, but Mallard still wants a piece of it.

dlauthor said...

It's just like reading a comic strip when the cartoonist hasn't been busted for DUI yet. Or so I've heard.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley thinks that most football players are black, thus, they must be violent criminals.

Kip W said...

It's hostile, superficial, and judgmental, so it must be funny.

Steve-O said...

I realize that Tinsley is too stupid to know this (and too lazy to "research" it), but there are nearly 1,700 players in the NFL. I guarantee you that if you pick 1,700 people in the general population at random there are bound to be a few who have drug and/or alcohol problems and a few with a propensity towards violence. Of course, why would Tinsley let facts get in the way of a good (racial?) slur.

Steve-O said...

Also, Tinsley doesn't make it clear whether he's talking about the players or the fans in the "punchline" of his "joke".

CW in LA said...

"Are you preternaturally incapable of getting even the simplest facts right?

Clearly the Tinsh is too busy figuring how to make sure we get yet another view of the duck's crotch.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, not one Mallard Fillmore on Senator David Vitter's Forgotten Crimes!

Of course, Vitter's a Senator, not a football player, so his crimes are actually relevant to American politics.