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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That damned Word

What's Mallard raving about today?


Just days after railing against labeling of Teabaggers with derogatory terms, Mallard earnestly wonders why Liberals won't label themselves with a term that Conservatives have studiously vilified for the past 20 years. A term which the Founding Fathers proudly wore as a badge of honor, I might add.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Darn. I wish I lived in the universe where all the pathetic, spineless Democrats who don't have a single conviction between them are actually super-secret stealth liberals. Even if if meant I had to live in the same universe as Tinsley.

Tog said...

I'm wondering why neocons don't like to be called "neocons" anymore.

Same with teabaggers. Remember when they were so proud of that term?

Hell, some wrong-winger got all worked up in a lather in a LTTE to my local paper a couple of months ago because the moderate conservative* opinion columnist used the phrase "dittohead" to describe the fringies on his own side. So even that's lost its appeal.

*...or, in the gentlest neocon terms, "pantywaist libtard pansy"

NickE said...

Tinz, I was wondering the same thing about the Crazy Racist Fundamentalist Party. It's like they WANT to be Crazy Racist Fundamentalists, but just don't want to be CALLED "Crazy Racist Fundamentalists."

Toots McGee said...

Why doesn't Tinsley call his comic "Alcoholic Hack Frames Pre-discredited Talking Points With Drawings of Pantless, Dyspeptic Duck"?

wavydavy said...

@Toots --

Because he can't stay awake and sober long enough to write (or even think) that?

dlauthor said...

That's pretty rich, considering how few political ads for Republican candidates, outside of districts that are so deeply red you can hear the banjo music, actually make use of the name of the candidate's party.

Of course, ithe difference is that no one should be ashamed to call themselves liberal. Whereas Republicans (like Drinky McI'maLibertarianReally) seem to not even understand what shame is.

rewinn said...

Well, let's see

Boehner for Congress says nothing about being a Republican:

Google "Sarah Palin official website" and you get her PAC which has nothing about the Republican Party on it.

Kip W said...

Good point! If the party of cheap labor can reclaim "Bush," we should be able to reclaim "Liberal."

Kaitlyn said...

Hey, I hear "liberal" all the time in political ads featuring a democratic candidate!

Unfortunately, they're all attack ads. And I'd love it if Steve Herron would join Pelosi's liberal army and expand Obamacare while cutting Medicare. (???)

I agree with GeoX - I wish they had some damn GUTS. DADT being stalled? Don't mention that, we know how skittish we get about the gays down here. Just say your opponent opposed raising OUR SOLDIERS(tm)' salaries. (I live near a base, that has to work.)

I know an ad is about a democrat if it uses the word liberal. His attack ad is boring - lying and misusing funds? COME ON! /GOB voice

Kaitlyn said...

Hey, what do you think the duck will say about Obama's speech about school? The takeaway (from my mom) is that he thinks school should be extended a month. (My mom agrees*, it's an extra month she gets paid.)

*She says kids today are worse than they were in her time. An example is pregnant high school girls. At her school, she knew girls who "visited relatives" for a few months. (Nevermind that the generation(s) before had kids at that age.) I blame our culture's attitude toward education.

exanonymous said...

Yeah, heaven forbid a campaign should be run on issues and stances instead of party labels. That's just wrong!