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Thursday, September 30, 2010

That damned Memo

What's Mallard raving about today?

Asians, Racism.

Asians scored higher (on average) on the SAT than white student. Ergo, there is no racism in America.

Given this amazing bit of logic, anyone care to guess Mallard's score on the SAT?


Tog said...

Batshit rubs his "Asian" fetish alllll over his face and groin--not in that order, I imagine--and lectures us that there's no racism in America (except by liberals, of course, but we're already familiar with that particular Batshit caveat).

I mean, does he even understand what the pencil is saying in the second non-panel? Asians in grade school CHOOSE to take tougher classes? They actually have the option, despite all of Batshit's strips blathering about how America's educational system eats raw sewage?

And everyone else doesn't take those classes because they're inherently stupid and/or lazy?

You REALLY want to go there, Batshit? Oh, please, DO. I want to see your sincere fanbase try to reconcile that with proudly-ignorant Rushism, FOXNewsiness, teabaggery and Texas textbooks.

Steve-O said...

I think Dullard doth protest too much.

Rootbeer said...

Which is worse: Tinsley's mastery of logical reasoning, or his mastery of punctuation such as quote marks and ellipses?

Trick question.

rewinn said...

American will be a better place when we no longer have a majority race.

But Mallard will still be a whiner.

exanonymous said...

There's no logic there, Mallard. You don't get to claim all racism is dead because your favorite racial group scored better on education tests. Racism isn't determined purely by a score on the SATs, and it doesn't take a genius/Asian to figure that out.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Ah yes: "Lookit! I said Asians are smarter! Therefore, I'm TOTALLY JUSTIFIED in claiming that blacks are stoopider!"

Good luck with that one.

deepbeep said...

My ex was barred from entering a restaurant because she is Asian. Maybe the restaurant manager didn't get the memo that she did well on math tests?

Bill the Splut said...

"Asian kids are smarter" isn't racism! A stereotype maybe, like "Chinese eat dogs," but not racism! How can they be racist when they're not even black?!

DharmaPete said...

What the hell is he trying to say????? It makes even less sense than usual. Christ almighty, what an asshole!!!!

Tog said...

Callback: Hey Batshit! Beck's "Take The Civil Rights Movement Back From The Darkies" rally was so successful, FOX News is getting tired of his sorry ass. Empty calories? Hah!!

Meanwhile, I wonder how many Asian kids will get the Tea Party Coloring Book. Check out the politically-correct diversity of the kids on the cover! It's chock-full of fun, historically-inaccurate anti-government propaganda, and sold by a company that claims it outsells their Obama Activity Book (which they actually publish but do not promote in the slightest).

They're totally stealing your thunder, Batshit. You should get some Jewish lawyers and sue them.