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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That damned Rally

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Glenn Beck.

Credible moron Mallard Fillmore has only one explanation for why the Media won't simply repeat it when they are told very earnestly that 10.5 trillion people showed up at Glenn Becks rally, it's true I counted them myself!

Of course, this is proof the media are biased.

I would suggest they are biased against offensive idiots, however then I have no explanation for why they gave airtime to Pastor Moustache, or (really) any of the current Republican leaders.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Two weeks later…um, what? It's hard to imagine how Tinsley could possibly have tried to work in his publication delay any more ineptly. And wow, the teabagging idiots didn't reduce the area to smoldering rubble still visible two weeks later? What, you want us to praise you, in much the same way one extravagantly praises a toddler for using the potty? Wow--talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Tog said...

...Oh, wait, I'm thinking of FOXPropaganda. Sorry!

Remember, Batshit, when you drew that touching memorial to you first editor? The liberal who gave you that precious first chance at being a wrong-wing lapdog scribbler with delusions of grandeur and intelligence and wit?

Now you're claiming the whole media's one great conspiracy of deception because a few commentators are pointing out all the racists and fascists that openly infest the teabaggers.

And you didn't even have the balls to do it two weeks in advance.

I know you're incapable of shame, but damn, dude.

CasualBrowser said...

Wait... if the mainstream media accuses someone of being "racist" or "fascist"... it's bad? Is that what Tinsley's saying? What about when Glenn himself (or a teapartier) does the same, is that bad too?

Kip W said...

The funny part is that this is taking place on the day of the event, and Mallard doesn't know he's supposed to be seeing a million fit, attractive people of all races and nationalities.

I suppose he could be watching right after the white ones went home.

Rootbeer said...

I might have chuckled at this if it had been only the first two panels. Given how many times certain media outlets have been caught doctoring event footage to color the viewer's perception, there's a reasonable comedic premise here.

But we know Bruce Tinsley doesn't know when to say when, and so the punchbowl is spiked with a huge turd that I guess suggests that Teabaggers are all invisible ninjas who use reverse psychology, or something, I can't even tell.

wavydavy said...

Actually, the "racist, fascist part" was the whole thing (well, if you exclude the "batshit insane" contingent).

And, based on what I've seen and comparing it to what is claimed, I don't think MF is watching two weeks later. I think the place is deserted because he's watching it live.

Toots McGee said...

Suzy? Suzy Creamcheese?
This is the voice of the mainstream media. What's got into ya', baby?

I guess I know what Bruce is trying to say, but I had to feed the strip through the Bat(shit)-Computer. So, let me thank the 100 million people who attended the GLENN BECK RALLY for being orderly and Christian, for smelling nice, for leaving peacefully (unlike those guys from the Bonus Army and the other assorted creeps who have befouled the capital over the years) and for not being brown or Muslim (y'know, REAL Americans).

Marion Delgado said...


rewinn said...

We didn't see racist signs at Beck's failed rally because the rules of the rally were not to bring signs at all.

It's a hopeful sign that the reichwing is, although noisy, still weak enough that it has to hide its feelings while cameras are around.

Frank Stone said...

Brucie earns some points here for "thinking ahead", as it were, but then he goes and blows them all by pulling his usual complete disconnect from reality. So, he's back to zero. As usual.

deepbeep said...

Both Glenn Beck and Mallard Fillmore have repeatedly accused Obama of being both a racist and a fascist. You can dish it out but not take it?

By the way, with "fascism" being thrown around willy-nilly ever since we elected a black president, it's been overlooked that genuine fascistic elements have been popping up in the US lately: rampant nationalism, xenophobia, militarism, rejection of multiculturalism, etc. Let's just say that Obama and the Democratic party aren't the main propagators of these ideas.

Bill the Splut said...

Jeepers, Mr Tinsley! Is ABC News part of the Mainstream Media? Because on the day of the pissing on MLK's grave--sorry, I meant Glennnn Beck's Nuremburg Rally, I heard their headline radio news. You know, the distillation of the most important stories of the day? The rally was the Most Important Lead Story in the World, complete with quotes from one of the Morans in the audience and the newscaster describing "a huge crowd" (actual number not given to enhance the perceived hugeness). Did they not get the talking points?

WV: hypoxena; Beck's specialty, hypnotizing people into xenophobia. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOBECK!

CW in LA said...

Apart from whining about how mean everyone is to the noble teabaggers, I truly have no idea what the hell his point is supposed to be here.