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Monday, July 11, 2011

That damned Address

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Michelle Obama, Michele Bachman

Mallard Fillmore announces that his support is behind Rep. Michele Bachman (R-Mars).

All I can say about that Mallard is I hope she is the GOP nominee.


CW in LA said...

Is Tinsh trying to make the prez look like OJ Simpson, or is that just the only way he's capable of drawing?

Rootbeer said...

Way to hedge your bets there, 'Bruce' or 'hack'.

Anyway, the real joke in this strip is that Obama is apparently deeply interested in the occult, just like Nancy Reagan was.

Anonymous said...

In yesterday's newspaper, there was a letter supporting Michele Bachmann for president. The writer had a list of five reasons that basically boiled down to "HA HA STOOPID LIBRULZ!"

The irony was astonishing.

But hey- bring it, Bachmann. Maybe the voice of the American people can smack some sense of reality into her.

Tog said...

Golly! I thought Sarah Flailin' Failin' Palin was Batshit's favorite dumb-as-a-brick sure-bet candidate!

David in NYC said...

I think this may just be a poorly-written (redundant, I know) version of David Letterman's joke of always referring the the Minnesota Great Northern Loon (hey, it is the state bird) as "Michele O'Bachmann".

Frank Stone said...

Aww, Brucie's got a new crush. I guess his unrequited love for Sarah was getting to be too much to bear. (Does it count as unrequited love if the object of your affection doesn't know who you are?)

Either that or he just figured Michele has a better chance of getting the nomination and he's simply backing (what he perceives as) the winning horse, loyalties be damned.

Bill the Splut said...

"....And if it's the latter, in 2014 I see a smoldering ruin where America used to be."

rewinn said...

This is truly a weak "joke". Hey look - the President's wife has a name similar to someone running against him ZOMG!

It's not as if there is not a wealth of material out there to work with. Maybe someone could say something about the financial terrorists holding Social Security hostage in order to protect tax breaks for corporate jets. What's "conservative" about corporate welfare anyway?

Now-a-days, that battle is not between liberals and conservatives, but against corporatists and constitutionalists. Constitutional Conservatives and Constitutional Liberals really ought to get together.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

This is a particularly idiotic cartoon when you realize that Michelle Obama, the president's wife lives in the White House at present and will continue to do so if her husband wins!

No way was that an intentional terrible joke. Tinsley is simply too dumb, ignorant and drunk to notice such gaping holes in his bullshit.

Word Verification: Emitedr. R stands for retarded, and Tinsley has emitted the epitome of it for all of his life.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I wrote the last comment.

WOrd verification: Infuenc, Tinsley wants to infuence the world to kill everyone who is different from him.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Looks like the last comment was lost to the system. I will rewrite it: Regarding yeaterday;s comment, it is ironic if you know how the unmasking scene in Watchmen was changed between the comic and the movie. Tinsley has never seen either version, but the eighth grade levels of writing and themes are above his sixth grade education and illiteracy.

DeKay said...

I suppose it does not matter that this is a terribly unfunny cartoon. Around the summer holidays I guess everyone is just "mailing it in." Vapid is the word of the day around here. How does one even analyze such lameness. The engine is running but nobody is driving.