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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That damned Inheritance

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Accents

Some of you, eh? Seriously, Mallard, you're not only the only one talking about this, you're also the only one who is bothered by it.

With the Economy lagging, the US about to default on its debt, three wars, and a host of other ills facing us...Mallard is bothered about the way someone speaks.

Congratulations, newspapers everywhere, for setting aside space for this cutting-edge commentary.


rewinn said...

No-one reads Mallard Fillmore for a laugh or for intelligent commentary on current affairs; its job is to push the lie.

CW in LA said...

I've finally come to the conclusion that this is Brews pre-rationalizing his anticipated disappointment with the results of the '12 election: Blaaaasaaaaarrrrrgh!!!! We los' becauzza his phoney folksiness, not 'cause people are sick of our vicious batshittery. Glugglugglugglugglug!!!!

Anonymous said...

This one is almost funny, in a way not intended. MF is acknowledging that Bush would "talk like a hillbilly" on occasions (as noted last week), and that Obama had inherited a huge deficit and economic mess. But not as funny as it could be, knowing that wrong-wingers deny that Bush had any responsibility for the present mess.

Beef Wellington said...

Spoiler for tomorrow:

Pannel 1:(useless set up here)

Pannel 2:(Something about how Obama speaks here)

Pannel 3:(Unfunny punchline here)

There, I save you the effort of writting your next 50 strips tinz

Neo Tuxedo said...

The good anon skrev:

MF is acknowledging that [...] Obama had inherited a huge deficit and economic mess.

I don't think he is. "[K]nowing that wrong-wingers deny that Bush had any responsibility for the present mess", it seems likelier to me that he's propagating the meme of HURF DURF OBAMA IZ BLAIMING BUSH FOR HIS PROBLEMS BECAUSE TEH LIEBRULZ HATE RESPONSBILITY AND ANYONE WHO TAEKS IT. Can we all agree to fuck Bruce Tinsley with a chainsaw?

Tog said...

Well, it's not like Batshit has to do any heavy lifting for the GOP; the progressive bloggers are busy doing that, as it is currently ZOMG THE DEMS HAVE BETRAYED US I'M NEVER GONNA VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN THEN THINGS WILL BE BETTER SOMEHOW season on the Internet again (eyeroll).

Historical note: The "Great Communicator" was briefly also known as The Great Inheritor because Reagan used to cry ALL THE TIME about how it wasn't fair that he had been left with "so much" from the previous admin.

Frank Stone said...

Hur-hur! 'Cuz B. Hussein Obama blames Bush f'r ev'rythin' Hur-hur!

Yes, Brucie -- Bushbaby was The Greatest President*, and all the country's problems magically popped into being on January 20th, 2009, and anyone who suggests otherwise is just a big ol' meanie. Keep telling yourself that. It's probably the only thing that lets you look in the mirror anymore (well, that and the booze).

WV: cryme: Something that's not technically a crime, but it's just awful enough to make one cry. (e.g., "Mallard Fillmore".)

* Per Stephen Colbert.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, this one's too good to let pass:

WV: acksp: What Brucie says when he realizes he's just taken a swig of water instead of vodka.

DiR said...

Accidental truth. Oooooh someone's getting an angry letter from the Talking Point Dispatch office.

deepbeep said...

Okay Bruce, so you've recognized that policians are phonies. So what's your solution to getting more "normal" people elected into public office? Campaign finance reform? Replacing first-past-the-post elections? Voter education campaigns? An emphasis on civics and critical thinking in public education? I'd even listen to arguments for higher voting restrictions, as controversial as that might be.

Oh, never mind, you're just taking shots at Obama because he's on the other team.

wv: shworp: The sound of Tinsley's face being pulled out of the mud, when he's woken up in his front lawn by the sunlight again.