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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today?

I am on vacation and have no idea...have fun in the comments!


Tog said...

Point out the phoniness of Sarah Flailin's shtick: you just hate hate hate.

Apply that shtick to Obama: TROOTH TO POWAR!!!11!

Rootbeer said...

I tried to find some information that supports the assertion that President Obama changed his speaking style a month ago as part of his re-election campaign, but all Google gives me is a bunch of Freeper links explaining how Obama's speech patterns reveal narcissism and hidden hypnosis techniques.

Obama doesn't actually have thick lips or a penischin, though, either.

Perhaps the past three years of this strip would be less incoherent if you read them as criticism of the Strawbama that the author has invented, rather than the actual person.

dlauthor said...

Sadly, Tinshley hasn't pronounced a letter g in a gerund since 1983, the last time he was sober.

rewinn said...

It's a good thing there's nothing more important going on right now.

Frank Stone said...

Golly -- Obama speaks differently in front of different audiences? You mean just like every other politician in the country?

With the ability to produce a shocking exposé like this, Brucie, it's a wonder you don't have a shelf full of Pulitzers.

WV: shedu: The amazing new shedding brush from Ronco! Your pet will love it!

Steve-O said...

Hey, remember this same "comic" back when East Coast Ivy League elitist George W. Bush was talking like a backwoods hillbilly?
Oh wait...

Tog said...

Anyone think Batshit will interrupt "Barack Hussein Obama is acting like...a CAMPAIGNING POLITICIAN!!1 DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!!" to make fun of how Rupert Murdoch has been suddenly downgraded from "uber-powerful relentless media mogul who vision influences the entire world" to "just a doddering little old man who doesn't know what's going on half the time and needs his food mashed up"?

Rupe's performance is a flawless combination of Rumsfeld's "I know nothing about known unknowables" and Pinochet's "Augusto's not here, maaaaaaan" acts. I'm actually sorta impressed.

DiR said...

DaveyK picked a good week to take off. Holy hell.

Also, it's "How y'all doin'?", moron.

See also: Steve-o.

See also:

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley is just finding every possible stereotype and applying it to someone he hates until the lynch mob comes. Tomorrow, he rips off Family Guy by saying that Mexican cook food in tinfoil and that is applicable to Hugo Chaves!

Word Verification: Flesh, the thing Tinsley strips from his victims and wears to cover his true sub-human super-sociopathic super-retard form.