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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That damned Entertainment

What's Mallard raving about today?

Minorities, Entertainment, Education.

So says the duck who spends 17 hours a day in front of the TV.

But, Mallard, minorities everywhere thank you for your concern trolling. It's very sweet of you, really it is.


DiR said... how you just now did right now just then?

"no no no, I'm not saying their bad students because they're inherently DUMB, I'm saying they're bad students because they're inherently LAZY."

Tog said...

"Meanwhile, whites and my beloved Asians (assuming they're properly assimilated into the white man's world) do not watch TV at all, which is why we are the master race and master sub-race. Now shut up, I have to watch some reality TV to research how much I hate all the TV I watch. Because I don't watch TV. I already told you that."

Alternate version: "You know what's wrong with You People? Too much entertainment! You've never done a lick of hard work in your lives! ......What? No, I'm not racist, YOU are!"

Iron Dragon said...

The apparent source is the 'Kansas FAmily Foundation' and general experience shows that groups with family in the title tend to be conservative. Though I do wonder how they classify entertainment media. AFter all books are a form of media, so are magazines, and how do they classify computers?

exanonymous said...

Shorter Mallard Fillmore:

My racism is legitimate! Therefore, I am not racist!

Toots McGee said...

Well, I've heard it now, and Tinz has declared it is not racist, so I guess that's that. (I agree, that little piece of information is not "racist". Repeating it is not "racist". Even Tinsley's joke at the end is not "racist". But why do you think we need to know this? What is the Kansas Fmily Foundation and what exactly are they studying? These are the questions that spring to mind that might just suggest racism...and mind you, Tinsley brought it up!)

Andrew said...

Iron Dragon- it;s actually the Kaiser Family Foundation (although it's hard to tell through Tinsley's dts-induced scrawl) and it's actually not terribly conservative, at least on some fronts. It's basically about health-care issues. It sponsors a variety of AIDS-related forums (and not the GAYZ IAZ BAD type, rather, ones trying to get real information out there). This is the news release that Tinsley probably got his information from:

You might notice that the "minorities get bad grades because they're watching too much TV" is not actually stated in the release- instead, he's putting together two separate conclusions, but not bothering to notice that they are not connected.

Oh, and apparently books and other print media, plus computers, cellphones (when used for entertainment), ipods, etc. are included in the study.

In other words, it looks like a fairly legitimate study. Mallard just couldn't be bothered to pull himself away from the TV long enough to actually read it.

VERIFICATION: "palsyno"- Does Tinsly have palsy-no, the DT's.

rewinn said...

So there's a CONSPIRACY to hide a study that suggests racial disparities in scholastic achievement are NOT due to innate racial differences?

Today's "comic" makes even less sense than usual. People who talk a lot about racism would PROMOTE this study, not hide it.

Most parents are pretty sure that kids who watch too much TV don't do so well in school. Most of us would suspect that the poorer you are, the more likely you are to sit your kids in front of the stupid tube instead of sending them to math camp. So nothing in the study cited is especially surprising.

I'm beginning to think that Mallard Fillmore is a Poe.

Steve-O said...

Actually, it does have something to do with racism. Maybe if these minorities were better able to get good jobs and keep them they would have more time to spend at home with their kids instead of working two or three menial jobs to make ends meet and relying on media to babysit their children. But you continue on with your navel-gazing, dipshit.

Bill the Splut said...

"It's not racist to say that those subhumans are also morons!"

Every strip this week, someone has hit "Agree" twice. It's okay, Bruce, you don't have to do that because of your double vision.

WV: conin; Robert Howard's book "Conin the Hits-the-Bar-and-then-Rides-His-Mighty-Steed-Drunk-barian."

Toots McGee said...

I'd like to see Bruce Tinsley reword the great Suicidal Tendencies song Institutionalized and make a video with him screaming into the lens "I'm not racist!!! You're the one who's racist!!! You're making me racist!!!"

Here's the original, return to the mosh pits of yore.

DeKay said...

Wow, this creep's toon should be pulled for this outrage. Tinsley is reinforcing the post-civil rights attitude that us white folks have been there and done that. We tried and it failed and it isn't "our" fault. MF's creator has polished up a turd proving that the cultural issues have not progressed among the other "big two" races (note the conjoining, of the same old black race with the uppity illegal immigrant race, an interesting combination indeed). A hand picked distorted factoid that negates any inclusion of white trailer trash. Supposedly, there is a mea culpa on the part of those minority leaders to get any traction on such powerful information. Us whitey's must be dutifully nodding our heads in agreement. This is a class issue where the poor may rely on television (that is what is depicted with the bug eyed kid in the zone) to fill the void of them not being there or whatever. Bad form, not funny, and abhorrently racist, makes this duck unfit for consumption on any level.

WV: frocu - say no more

deepbeep said...

Holy moly. This is all I gotta say.