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Monday, July 18, 2011

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today?

I am on vacation and have no idea...have fun in the comments!


Tog said...

Oh, come now, Batshit, Obama and Palin have lots in common! See, Obama uses a teleprompter and makes the occasional gaffe; Failin' Flailin' Palin scrawls notes on her paw and makes a complete fool of herself (and embarrasses the nation) every time she opens her craw.

The Undefeated? Seriously? We have TWO teabagger mega-flops in one year? Wooooooo...(.)

WV: "envis." Oh, WOW.

Kip W said...

Back from seventeen days in China, about six hours of which were spent sitting in two planes wondering when we'd start the flight. For a while it looked like we might land in Anchorage instead of Detroit on one of those (four hours waiting on the runway for that one). ANYWAY.

Palin has that folksy way of (pause for emphasis) speaking all the time. She's probably speaking right now. You betcha.

Anonymous said...

The folksy way of speaking actually gives the impression that she is illiterate and dumb. It is an embarrassment to the nation that anyone would actually consider her for high office (oh, I remember now, we were already embarrassed by Bush).
With the increasing trend toward celebrity candidates, we might as well do the elections with realty-TV style contests.

Frank Stone said...

Ohhh, Brucie's "Sarahnading" Sarah Palin again. I think someone's trying to make Michele Bachmann jealous...

rewinn said...

See how it works:

1. When Obama speaks casually, he's pretending.
2. When Obama speaks formally, he's being an elitist and and uppity black.

Either way, Bruce Tinshley's is impotently angry that Obama is speaking at all, instead of sitting in the back quietly.

rewinn said...

P.S. Sarah Palin who?

Dudes, it's 2011. Palin quit her last campaign years ago.

DiR said...

What is this I don't even

exanonymous said...

Sarah Palin isn't a critic.

That implies intelligence.