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Friday, July 08, 2011

Those damned Producers

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Hollywood, Scandals

Mallard will be in front of the TV, complaining bitterly, while watching every episode end-to-end.


Tog said...

Oh, I get it now. It's okay to keep talking about a scandal well beyond its freshness date, just don't show that underwear-bulge photograph. Mallard's not a hypocrite at all! (Remember what restraint he used while reminding us every two weeks or so about Chappaquiddick, before Batshit himself got nailed for DUI?)

Highly selective list Mallard's got there; no mention of Rick Scott or Scott Walker or Chris Christie, despite the reality that the Teabagger "Tidal Wave" o'Triumph has given way to a huge Teabagger Swamp o'Buyers' Remorse, their former shining stars thoroughly hated by working folks on both sides.

By there's Arnold Schwartzenegger, who likewise was once such a darling of the Extreme Right that they wanted to amend the Constitution of the United States of America so that he could run for President despite being born in a foreign country*, but is now considered a "dirty liberal" because he failed to go full Nazi on those stoopit girly-man nurses and teachers and their unions, and expressed the belief that climate change is a real problem.

So much irony here! Not the least of which is that if you mention Sarah Failin's own reality-TV involvements, Batshit will claim you simply hate her. ...Not because she's a halfwit, but because she's a woman, or something. ...You racist!


Rootbeer said...

I'm pretty sure more than 8% of the country understands why these men of inordinate political power believed they could think with their dicks instead of their brains and not suffer any repercussions for it.

Thank goodness that the only photo reference within Tinsley's reach was an old issue of Newsweek with John Edwards on the cover, or else the useless visual element for this strip could have been a caricature of David Vitter wearing a diaper.

Frank Stone said...

Joke structure fail.

Also: John Edwards. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Anthony Weiner. One of these things is not like the others. Who can tell Mallard what the difference is?

Steve-O said...

This "comic" is incomplete. Hey Batshit, you forgot Mark Foley, Mark Sanford, David Vitter, Neil Bush, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Bob Packwood, Clarence Thomas, and many, many, more.

Hmm...I wonder why Batshit only listed those three?

rewinn said...

Punchline fails. A "reality show" consisting of ex-politicians really is a good idea.

Ever wonder what GOPpers do when they leave office? Mostly do endless rounds of motivational seminars hawking their books and tapes. Because, for the most part, they were such stupes as leaders that no competitive organization will let them near the CEO office.

exanonymous said...

97% of Hollywood producers don't make reality shows.

Ah, hyperbole. It's not funny when it's that extreme. Besides, don't watch the television so much.