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Friday, July 01, 2011

Those damned Seconds

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sara Palin, The Media.

Would still be better than watching Fox's Palin Masturbation Minute.


Tog said...

Yes, that's right, Batshit: we don't mock her because she's an attention-grubbing halfwit who won't go away despite her repeatedly-demonstrated incompetence in all fields (including parenting); we just hate her. Nothing more.

Same reason we mock you! Not because you're a lazy creep who's doing the Mallard-splayed-in-front-of-the-TV panel for the nth time; we just hate. Hate you. Hate America. Hate Baby Jesus. Hate life itself.


Yes, that's the ticket.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, Brucie -- she's still never going to know or care who you are.

And even if she somehow did learn of your existence, she certainly wouldn't find you so transcendently compelling that she'd dump Todd and make you Mr. Sarah Palin. Even no-class political streetwalkers have standards.

Steve-O said...

At least nobody called Sarah Palin a dick on live TV. Although, with her outrageous and mostly untrue criticism of everything liberal it wouldn't be an inaccurate characterization.

Steve-O said...

Maybe the media would be better off calling dead people "anorexic, bulemic, narcissist(s)".

Coultergeist sighting

CW in LA said...

I don't think those are words that skanky, bony-assed harpy should be throwing around, any more than Mallard should be making fun of A. Weiner for showing pics of his crotch.

DiR said...

The Baskin Alaskin can't even impress your local news team, the Easiest Audience in the World.

Pro Tip: when, "hey, Sarah, how's it going?" is a gotcha question? It's time to jump ship.

Bill the Splut said...

This is so close to the perfect summation of a Dullard strip's humorlessness and Brucie's paranoid, imagined personal version of reality! But to paraphrase Christopher Walken on SNL, it "Needs More '....'"

"We now....pause....for....ten seconds....for the four dots....for the....BOOZE TO KICK IN! LOVE SARAH....HATE HUMANITY!....passing out now...."

rewinn said...

If Palin can't handle the press, she sure can't handle the Russians.

Not that we'll ever find out. She wasn't invited to the Koch brothers' secret meeting of governors probably because they (while evil) aren't stupid enough to waste their money on a loser.

exanonymous said...

For a guy who hates the whole "self-esteem" stuff of the new century, he's certainly keen on protecting Palin's.