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Sunday, July 10, 2011

That damned Prequel

What's Mallard raving about today?


The last person I am going to listen to about comic book movie adaptations is Mallard Fillmore.


Tog said...

Well, at least Batshit told a joke (lame though it may be), without diluting it with some extraneous crack about liberal voodoo psychiatry or whatnot.

Looking at this "superhero," however, it's no wonder that Batshit sticks religiously to his limited palette of overused poses and figures. A lesson in anatomy this figure ain't.

Does Hollywood even DO "prequels" anymore? I could've sworn it was all about remakes and "rebooting the franchise" these days. ...Oh, right, silly me. This is Batshit we're talking about!

dlauthor said...

Well, theoretically the new X-Men movie is a prequel. I think. Which means that Bruce has been sitting in a Coors-and-hate-filled haze, grumbling about the god damn X-Men movie. Which is random and kind of sad.

Fortunately, there will never be a Mallard prequel. Or a Mallard movie of any kind.

WV: groplama Why Anonyrast is no longer permitted in the local Buddhist temple.

rewinn said...

On the plus side, this isn't hate-filled and it has an identifiable joke.

On the minus side, it's stupid and lazy.

Frank and Ernest is smarter and better-drawn every day

rewinn said...

In other news ... since today's 'comic' is too shallow for a real discussion ... we have a new candidate for the GOP nomination: Top Five Reasons To Vote for Flaming Bag of Poo in 2012.

Spread the word!

Bill the Splut said...

I kinda liked this one. A punchline, no shrieking points, and the drawing's not half bad. The superhero is exaggerated not much worse than most comic book ones, if you think about it. He's sort of an anti-Liefeld hero, given the amount of feet (or by actually having feet, and the lack of costume pouches).

Admit it, this is the second Sunday strip in, what, 3 weeks that would actually pass muster with you guys if you didn't know it was done by Tinny. And no, I am not an Anonymous posting under my name.

exanonymous said...

I'm guessing he really didn't like the new X-Men movie. That's the only superhero prequel I can think of.

The thing about movies is that you actually have to travel to a movie theater, request a ticket for that movie, pay, and then stay there for the entire time. In other words, he's whining because it's a free country.

CW in LA said...

I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Splut. While it is true that by the Tinsh's stupefyingly low standards, today's item is above average, a one-panel cartoon on a Sunday is still disgracefully lazy. It would surely be unacceptable from a cartoonist who didn't have an ideologically-based job security.

DiR said...

Man, that guy has some Freudianly large feet.

Bruce is complaining about nerds by using a vehicle that is built by nerds. GOD, is he stupid.

Rootbeer said...

Man, he's really sticking it to "Batman Begins", released in 2005.

Anonymous said...

He could have called her"Moochell," in light of what her endless vacations with hangers-on have cost the taxpayers, so that's nice.