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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Those damned Heels

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Scandals, Wives.

Today, Mallard Fillmore says something that never needed saying.

Taking over 30 words to say it.

And, to make matters even better, he's now said the same thing 3 days in a row.


Tog said...

Bruce Tinsley, Mighty Staunch Defender of The Innocent Spouse: "Right-wingers don't victimize women! The MEDIA does!"

What's this called, again? "Pretending to give a shit now so he doesn't have to give a shit when it really matters?"

Reminder: Way, way, waaay back when Batshit was so delusional he thought he could go toe-to-toe with Gerry Trudeau, he used to go after Trudeau's wife Jane Pauley CONSTANTLY (under the guise that she was a willing pawn in The Great Liburul Media Jewspiracy). In his mind it was--as they like to say--"fair game."

WV: "sobsedod." Yikes.

dlauthor said...

She also has to deal with the notion that a drunken, semi-unemployed waterfowl will watch that coverage while thrusting his pantless crotch at the TV.

rewinn said...

The free market media sure does suck!

Why does Mallard Fillmore hate the free market?

Anonymous said...

Idiotic, repetitious, and sophomoric. Both Tinsley and most of the commenters, I'm afraid. I suppose I'm also in that group, by bothering to check in every week or so.

dlauthor said...

"Every week or so."

Yeah, sure. You're here six times a day to see if anyone's responded to your concern trolling.

Prove me wrong. Shut up till at least the 14th.

Steve-O said...

I never want to see the words "hard on" in a Mallard Fillmore "comic" again the rest of my life.

rewinn said...

I'll give Brewsky this much credit: he signs his "comic".
Anonymous Coward is to ball-less to do so. I may be "sophomoric" but even as a sophomore, I had bigger clangers than Anonymous coward.