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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Those damned Jobs

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

Having, as far as he can tell, plumbed the depth of humor available in the rogue teleprompter series, mallard moves on to criticize President Obama for wanting a second term.


exanonymous said...

Oh. Ha. Ha. Zing. And stuff.

It's like someone's become too lazy to even listen to current right-wing sound bytes anymore.

Tog said...

You could have guessed A BOLD NEW DIRECTION for Mallard Fillmore would mean "around and around in circles?"

Steve-O said...

I know somebody who couldn't possibly be concerned about his job, Bruce Tinsley! Did you make a deal with the devil Bruce? I don't know any other way to explain your continued employment.

deepbeep said...

"Some people say" that Mallard Fillmore makes Family Circus look like the Far Side.

Steve-O said...

Today's haiku:

Look! A tinsley "comic"
Bruce is bitching about nothing
More of the same shit.

rewinn said...

Number of jobs bills introduced in the House of Representatives by the GOP: 0.

So what's Obama supposed to do?

Kip W said...

57! 57! Who's with me? 57!!!