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Monday, July 25, 2011

That damned Arugula

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama.

Mallard Fillmore hates politicians who speak differently when campaigning or when addressing the public.

Mallard Fillmore hates President Reagan and Winston name just two people.

The only funny thing about today's effort by Mallard is that he believe anyone cares about this particular gripe.


Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Remember when Tinsley used arugula as an example of elitism? It was not that long ago, but he has consumed too much grain alcohol to remember anything but racial stereotypes like Black guys speaking in crude slang terms and colloquialisms.

Frank Stone said...

Oh, my f*****g god. Is he back on THIS again??

The late Marvel Comics writer and editor Mark Gruenwald once posited a rule of comedy which stated, "If something is not funny the first time, by the fiftieth time you repeat it, it will be hilarious." Little did he know that one day Bruce Tinsley would make this the guiding principle of his career.

exanonymous said...

MF is going to complain about what a phony elitist Obama is.

In the mean time, Norway has some serious issues. It should be interesting to see how it registers in conservative world here.

Tog said...

Oh, my f*****g god. Is he back on THIS again??

The words, right outta my mouth you took 'em.

@Exanonymous: Of course everyone has to wait for the official talking points memo to get around and feed them their spoken opinion, but the wrong-wing bloggers have already weighed in: in less than three days, they went from "ZOMG MUSLIMZ ATTAKNG WE MUST KILL TEHM ALLLLL" to "Well, he must at LEAST be a liberal, they're the ones who ever commit violence you know" and now to "Oh! We are offended that teh liberal media is exploiting this tragedy for political gain! How very very uncivil!"

Now doubt Batshit will scream "SHUT UP ABOUT TIMMY McVEIGH" some more.

deepbeep said...

Politicians try to seem folksy when they campaign? Wow, shocking revelation there.

But come on -- harping on arugula again? Leafy greens are something Americans should all unite behind, Republican and Democrat, because iceberg lettuce is shit.

Anonymous said...

What's the record for the most MFs that are repeats on the same topic?
Is Tinsley trying to break his prior record?


CW in LA said...

The late Marvel Comics writer and editor Mark Gruenwald once posited a rule of comedy which stated, "If something is not funny the first time, by the fiftieth time you repeat it, it will be hilarious."'

Did this Mr. Gruenwald ever write for Saturday Night Live?

Anyway, Bruce Tinshley is a bad cartoonist who drinks a lot. Hilarity may now ensue.

Steve-O said...

I wouldn't mind staying on the same topic for a little while (Doonesbury manages to do this and stay fresh and topical at the same time), but literally telling the same "joke" over and over is just idiotic. It's exactly the kind of effort we've grown to expect from Brucie.

Badgerman. said...

Something Something Something...Arugula.HAHAHAHAHA
Classic Tinsley.

Bill the Splut said...

Wait--WV is literally



Tog said...

Re Norway: Remember how absolutely raging butthurt Batshit got when Bill Clinton called for "toning down" eliminationist rhetoric?

Turns out Cap'n Crazy Crusader wasn't independently emulating wrong-wing "don't retreat reload" rhetoric; he was an avid reader of American wrong-wing bigot-blogs like Atlas Shrugs, and cited them in his "manifesto."

Via Crooks & Liars (from the article "It's The Scapegoating, Stupid"): Indeed, the scramble among right-wing pundits to come up with some kind of decent rationale that will let them talk about Breivik--or better yet, blame liberals or Muslims for him--is on, as Media Matters reports. Over at Red State, a regular contributor tied Breivik's attack to the pro-choice movement and end-of-life issues.

Then there's the post over at Breitbart's Big Peace site titled "Anders Behring Breivik: Jihadist":

(cropped quote) He claimed to be fighting jihadists...but he actually became one.(/quote)

In a way, he's actually onto something, a reality that right-wingers themselves don't ever admit: Islamic radicals are themselves fundamentally right-wing ultra-conservatives in their orientation. They are devout anti-modernists who despise all things liberal. They have far more in common, in terms of their personal psychological orientations, with the anti-immigration radicals who dominate the modern Right, both in Europe and in the USA.

Twist THAT around, Bruce Tinsley.

(Meanwhile the monstrous Glenn Beck--Batshit's hero--has compared the kids the creep shot in the back to...the Hitler Youth. Honest to God. ALSO covered at Crooks and Liars.)

Marion Delgado said...

Most importantly, more than a week after DaveyK started on vacation, Mallard Fillmore is the same exact strip that it was the day he left. I guess that's comforting to the conservative mind.

DiR said...

Yes. Bring up the '08 elections. That will help your cause.
Hey, everyone! Remember that time we got face raped in the elections, because rather then put up a competent candidate with a sensible platform, we ran a nutjob with nutjob Vp and tried to will by making fun of "fancy" lettuce, even though it's actually a major domestic product? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA please vote for us?"

The Norway thing is staggeringly poetic insofar as it's classic Romantic fallen heroic archetype. Literally becoming the very thing he was trying to fight against.
That is to say, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."
OOPS! I forgot, I'm a hateful liberal who hates Pogo. BLARHUIDHO*@#(*F#QWIIODW

rewinn said...

Romney is Obama's strongest opponent, and his most glaring defect is that he made his hundreds of millions destroying American jobs. His second most glaring defect is that he takes every position on every issue.

So today's "comic" makes sense. By repetition, Obama will be made to seem an elitist phoney. This inoculates Romney from being accurately depicted as an elitist phoney.

Brews Tinkley is a hack, but his Party bosses have him pointed the way they want to go.

JohnE said...

The last panel of the 26th's strip shows a glimmer of recognition that all politicians do the folksy shtick.