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Sunday, July 17, 2011

That damned Jeffrey

What's Mallard raving about today?

Social Networking.

Ummm, OK. So, Jeffrey is using his computer, staring at it with an expression of deepest rage, and ignoring his wife and visitor.

Anyone else feel like we're deep into creepy unintentional self-revelation territory here?

By the way, break...not a lecture.


DiR said...


The sad thing is, I think Far Side could have pulled this off, but only because it would be a whimsical wacky pun, and not yet another installment of "I hate everyone and everything" MF strip.

ajm said...

I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and sh!t funnier punchlines than Mallard Fillmore.

Bill the Splut said...

So....he's using a laptop while sitting inches away from a TV set. Is Bruce contractually obligated to draw the back of a TV 5 days out of 7, or is it an OCD thing?

rewinn said...

What a sad, angry world the modern "conservative" lives in.

Social networking - while as prone to abuse as everything else may be - helps people come together. It can make us smarter, which makes conservatives angry. I expect the Aristocracy will strike back, perhaps with schemes like mainland China is using to keep the lid on, but in the meantime: network widely and enjoy life!

BTW one of the reasons Tinshley may show use sad anger is that the web lets his entire audience see that there are tens of thousands of more talented, funnier and smarter people doing comix. When he started his career, the papers controlled political humor so he had a business plan that worked; now, not so much. His depression may be situational rather than biochemical but either way, he really needs help.

rewinn said...

@DiR - certainly Far Side could have done this better, but in part that's because it was a small-format, single panel comic. Today's is a SUNDAY strip f'gosh sakes, in which cartoonists with skills use the extra real estate for creativity and humor that springs from the extra space, e.g. today's Frazz. Today's one-panel snoozer is just an insult to Mallard Fillmore readers and a waste of space - which may be why I don't know of ANY newspapers that actually print it anymore.

Steve-O said...

I don't know one single person who even knows what "Mallard Fillmore" is (except on this site). Today's pathetic effort makes this fact easily understandable.

deepbeep said...

He looks just like this guy, only with more of a scowl. By the look on his face, he's probably concern-trolling the Duck and Cover blog. "How dare they say my comics are low quality! I shall redirect their attention to the failings of B. Hussain O."

Tog said...

That's the sort of clever word-play that puts Mallard Fillmore right down there with the lower-left filler gag in a Sunday Lockhorns.

Rootbeer said...

Crankshaft's first name is Ed, not Jeffrey.

Worst crossover strip ever.

rewinn said...

Good news: Scenes From The Multiverse did the "Anti-Social Network" joke on roughly the same day only ... (check this out!) ... with humor AND artwork!