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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

That damned Coverage

What's Mallard raving about today?

Media Coverage

When Mallard Fillmore thinks the media have gone too far covering a sex scandal involving a Democratic politician, CNN should be really, really, really ashamed of themselves.


Tog said...

Well, no reports of Batshit being busted for filching children in the past two maybe he's sincere?


rewinn said...

The biggest problem with today's "comic" is its sheer graphical lazyness. Lacking newness in character, pose or layout, the only way you can tell this "Mallard Fillmore" from a dozen others is the the spots on his pajamas.

Anytime you can replace the narrator with a FLAMING BAG OF POO and end up with the EXACT SAME STORY, you don't really have a comic; you have a flaming bag of poo.

rewinn said...

That said, I concur with the general sentiment: our corporate media waste time on stupid stuff to distract us from more important stuff. What a pity Mallard Fillmore is 99% of the time part of the problem.

Frank Stone said...

If this gag had appeared in a different venue -- say, a single-panel editorial cartoon that was well-drawn -- then it would have been amusing. As it is, not so much.

Dekay said...

I hadn't been here in awhile and decided to see what Wikipedia had on Mallard Fillmore. In describing the supporting cast, it becomes evident that MF is a very lonely creature. He so "correctly" cuts across racial boundaries with his asian small business owner friend though, but is that the only character that he agrees with?
This isolated relationship is intriguing. The reader is allowed to identify with said duck. Relate to Mallard on a level we all have experienced; being correct on something and no else seems to agree. Most of us get over it, stay involved and evolve with the human race. But for those who don't, there is always Mallard. Dimwitted MF reader thought balloon: "Damn it! He may not be very funny, but he is usually right on target."
Tinsley ( I like the name Batshit so much more) is an operative for the right wing and probably gets a separate paycheck for his propaganda. He knows what he is doing and knows that he will get flack or phony accolades, that is what selling your soul is all about.

rewinn said...

@Dekay: BINGO!

Many people have a gut feeling that they are right, and the only reason the world doesn't let them do anything they want is that smarter people are oppressing them with smartypants facts, probably due to liberal bias. It's a sad world, but at least they have an angry cartoon duck to identify with.