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Monday, August 29, 2011

That damned Affront

What's Mallard raving about today?


Dude is watching Fox...although not on any sort of television I've ever seen.


Tog said...

Yet again, Batshit is whining about the same television he refuses to stop watching all day and night.

Pointing that out makes me a hypocrite, since I read Mallard Fillmore every day without anticipating any improvement on its part. Everyone has a train wreck they can't tear their eyes away from, I suppose.

Frank Stone said...

File this one under "unintentional self-revelation", since this describes "Mallard Fillmore" pretty much every day of the week.

deepbeep said...

Never mind the affront to our dignity. This human with duck feet and a flipper hand is an affront to nature itself!

exanonymous said...

Speaking of FOX news, how long until he picks up the current rant about hurricane Irene being "overhyped" with only 21 dead?

They missed the irony. The storm was hyped. People prepared. Therefore, people were evacuated or not out doing stupid things that got them killed. We did not suffer another Katrina.

And somehow FOX considers that a black eye on the administration. I guess they somehow think our government would be better if they downplayed the hazard, like Japan and it's current radiation issues.

Kip W said...

It was a good move to pull the duck from the pole position for a strip that invokes "intelligence" and "dignity." Obviously, some jobs require a generic human figure without the duck's baggage.

Rootbeer said...

Back in the days when comic strips used to be four or five large panels, this could have been a standard preface panel for every "Mallard Fillmore". (The final panel would be Bruce Tinsley's DUI mugshot.)

Who's that slouchy guy supposed to be, anyway? He looks like Jeremy from "Zits", as played by the titular character from Jim Meddick's "Monty". But why reference TWO strips which are better than this one in every way?

rewinn said...

"...We did not suffer another Katrina..."
Which is a double loss for Fox:
1. Blood sells; no blood, doesn't sell
2. Obama can't be blamed for losing a city.

But don't worry. The GOP is demanding that any money spent to repair storm damage will come from other programs instead of, let us say, taxing the rich. So Irene will still hurt Americans, which will be Obama's fault.

Bill the Splut said...

Huh. I guess Glenn Beck's TV show is still airing.