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Monday, August 15, 2011

That damned Veneer

What's Mallard raving about today?

Politics, compromise.

Mallard is confusing me. I sure hope he's not complaining about Republicans compromising, cause that would indicate he's suffering from delusions.


Tog said...

"Some people say" Batshit doesn't understand politics at all.

And that he's not just a spineless weenie, but a complete coward simpering behind the most preposterous strawmen imaginable.

As the pendulum swings back to the left, Mallard's wishy-washy opposition to compromise will vanish like a bottle of cheap liquor in Batshit's car.

Frank Stone said...

Poor Brucie -- apparently, he expended so much mental and physical energy on dividing today's strip into five panels that he had none left to include a coherent line of thought.

Oh, wait -- did I just use the words "Brucie", "coherent", and "thought" in the same sentence? Oy -- shame on me, eh?

DiR said...

"Veneer"? Really? I mean, like really?
I now link you to an infinitely more interesting use of veneer.

I'm guessing this is about the debt compromise. Anyone who thinks compromising on that was unfavorable to the nation defaulting on it's debts is someone who should be thoroughly ignored and driven from the forum. You lunatic.

rewinn said...

Why is Mallard calling Obama "Representative Veneer"?

(P.S. the colorist got it wrong, too. And Obama's not bald.)

Tog said...

No, it's the perfect time to resurrect the long-unused Veneer; he looks like a cross between Reid and the eternally-gobsmacked-lookin' Mitch McConnell, so the character will fit however the wind may be blowing Batshit on any given day.

exanonymous said...


I do not think it means what Mallard thinks it means.

CW in LA said...

Evidently it means that when you get 98% of what you want, you still get all pissed and hysterical about the other 2%.

wv: tuffshi - What Tinsh says when the barkeep says it's closing time and he has to leave.