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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That damned Imagination

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Americans

Melty-face President Obama is wrong. If you want things to get better you have to rout the crazies out of power.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Republicans are doing everything that they can to block any job creation.


Frank Stone said...

The key to understanding this strip is to substitute Brucie for Obama and substitute "Mallard Fillmore" for "things".

Bill the Splut said...

I'm guessing that Bruce's 7-day work week equals a total of about 45 minutes of actual strip-scrawling. He really needs to cut down on his research.

Steve-O said...

Haha, the president's an ineffectual BOOB! Except when he's running that worldwide Muslim liberal conspiracy to institute Sharia law.

Does anyone actually read this bullshit and take it seriously?

rewinn said...

There *is* a bill to create jobs by rehiring laid-off state and local workers.
This jobs are not only "shovel-ready" ... they *once existed* and did things, so they could get money into the economy immediately.
Naturally, the GOP will block it.

Tog said...

The President's major address on job creation is scheduled to air at almost the same time as one of the GOP's myriad howler-monkey orgies ("debates"). Guess which one Sobby the Red-Eyed Orange Boner thinks is more important to the nation? (*whinge*) Can't you do that some other tiiiiiiiiiiiime?

(Seriously, Boehner issued a letter requesting the White House reschedule over "security concerns." Ha ha ha, what? You should be more concerned with stopping Cheney from continuing to stagger around bellowing about the virtues of torture, or the media-distracting Failin'/Witchiepoo flap, crybaby.)

Meanwhile, Batshit Bruce Tinsley, the most unimaginative hack in the comic industry today, has his do-nothing strawman fantasy of That Uppity N***** accuse Americans of having no imagination.


CW in LA said...

Ooo, here's a stunner: The prez caved and agreed to give his speech on the 8th. I love the president, but he desperately needs to fire his chief of staff, Neville Chamberlain.

Tinsley: Sociopah said...

I recently learned about a behavioral flaw known as Alexithymia: It causes an inability to form relationships, a complete lack of awareness of others' emotions, and such a lack of emotions that even one's dreams are really boring, based on inane bullshit like eating from bowls and walking down the street. Tinsley's sociopathy must derive from an extreme case, one that has destroyed his brain and left him a walking vegetable that could only think of pure unfocused hatred and violence towards everyone in the world.

Tinsley: Sociopah said...

I meant such a lack of imagination that the dreams suck.

Tog said...

@CW in LA: No, no, let the baby have his bottle. This is brilliant.

The GOPers have demanded that jobs take a backseat to their whine-and-cheese fest, where they will instead talk about:

1. Further tax cuts for the Already Preposterously Wealthy, financed on the backs of the "lowly-leech taker-class" (AKA what was once the working middle class);

2. How Obama failed us on Libya because four thousand American troops weren't sacrificed to establish us in a third highly-profitable-for-contractors ongoing quagmire; and

3. How their personal advisor Jesus and His Daddy sends earthquakes and hurricanes to smite the dirty homos HAW HAW JUST KIDDING.

...And THEN Obama can go on TV and talk about jobs, while the Grand Ol' Teabag Party sputters and snarls about how they're going to do everything they can do stop him.

Man, I'm gettin' hard just thinking about it.