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Thursday, August 25, 2011

That damned Weather

What's Mallard raving about today?

Weather, Global Warming.

Has Mallard stopped watching Fox? Because on Fox, winter storms were proof that Global Warning is not occurring while the summer heat waves indicated nothing at all.

Meanwhile in the reality-based world, where people pay attention to things like Science and Facts, both summer and winter were indications of Climate change brought about, largely, by human activity.


Tog said...

Davey, I think that's exactly what Batshit's trying to say--but failing. (Imagine that!)

Remember, in Mallard World, FOXNoise is the tiny underdog that doesn't get much play, so here Batshit's pretending that The Hypocritical Liberal Media Worldwide Jewspiracy is using those insignificant summer heatwaves to fearmonger while glossing over the "fact" that since it got cold in Chicago during winter, Climate Change isn't real and even if it is it's not caused by people.

Yes, that was one messed-up sentence but that's how Batshit's "logic" works.

I remember the good ol' days, when Batshit would blame it all on a mean-looking sun, using asterisks to cite "studies" that were pulled out of Pat Buchanan's flatulent ass. Now Batshit's terrified to have Mallard say anything at all, lest it too come back to haunt him; Mallard just stares blankly at us while the strawman in the teevee does all the work.

You're a coward, Batshit. You know you're wrong but you can't walk it back and you don't have the intestinal fortitude to admit your error.

deepbeep said...

It shouldn't matter what the media, or Al Gore, is saying. It's a scientific question. Can't we listen to what the scientists are saying?

Steve-O said...

Oh dear God, how fucking asinine is this "comic"? I have not seen ONE person on my TV say that the hot summer is proof of global warming, NOT ONE! Yet during the harshest winter I can remember it was nonstop bullshit from the right (including FAUX NEWS and my idiotic senator, Jim Inhofe) claiming that since it got really cold in the winter global warming is a myth. My fucking head splits at the cognitive dissonance.

Rootbeer said...




Anonymous said...

As usual, the duck is distorting the facts. What was said was that the same weather patterns that sent the cold air to the east coast was also causing record high temperatures in polar regions. Once again, the polar sea ice has reached record low extents. If he won't believe the satellite photos, then he should ask the natives that live on the coasts of Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.

Of course, the duck won't dare check out, which has "Most extreme winter Arctic atmospheric circulation on record; "Snowmageddon" results" right under "Earth's hottest year on record".

Somehow it seems appropriate that Texas is suffering the most, where the denial seems to originate.

Think somebody might be trying to tell them something?


digger said...

Tog said: "I remember the good ol' days, when Batshit would blame it all on a mean-looking sun, using asterisks to cite "studies" that were pulled out of..."
I remember that, and I notice that Tinsley doesn't even bother to cite trumped up, right wing funded studies or sources with asterisks any more. Also note the drawing in today's strip--it's an almost exact replica of strips we've seen time and time again. BT is getting pretty lazy here. I also remember the days when Doonesbury strips were deleted or placed on the editorial page. Has anyone ever seen a similar event with a Mallard strip?

Steve-O said...

Also, the insane Right (oxymoron?) has apparently moved on from "OMG, Mars has global warming!!!111!!". Anyone remember that classic? It's hard to keep up with their bullshit after a while.

rewinn said...

Today's "Comic" says:

Science is HARD!
Ignorance is STRENGTH!
I Love Big Oil!!!!!!!!

exanonymous said...


#1 in telling you what the other news stations should say, or would say if they had their fantasy way.

Frank Stone said...

It's installments like this one that make me understand why Brucie is compelled to do this pathetically, transparently dishonest strip day after day: It's the only means he has of counteracting the pain of knowing that the world works completely differently than the way he wishes it did. (Well, that and multiple bottles of "research".)

Poor Brucie. You've really got to feel for him.

Actually, no. No, you don't.

WV: hurted: What happened to Brucie's brain when he tried to watch something other than Fox News Channel.

Bill the Splut said...

Yeah, what do those dumb climatologists know about climate anyway? They think they know everything just because they're the experts!

When it's time for my brain surgery, I ain't goin' to no fancy-pants surgeon! I'll have Joe the Plumber do it!

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley has switched from saying that anyone who is slightly different from himself should be tortured to death, to saying that all science is stupid. Psychologists confirmed that he was a giant fucking retard and then tortured themselves to death, so everything Tinsley says should be ignored.

Word Verification: Imnarc, im is anyone with a multi-digit I.Q. orthe slightest trace of compassion, and Tinsley narcs on all the ims.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Hannibal brutal conquered Europe, and forced his men to march through frozen mountains, causing numerous deaths. He would consider Tinsley to be a personification of pure evil.

CW in LA said...

@exanon - FOX.

#1 in telling you what the other news stations should say, or would say if they had their fantasy way.

This would be funnier if the other stations didn't apparently believe it, too.

DiR said...

Don't you get it? Diametric extremes in the span of a few months is PROOF that everything is normal! Just like how the stall warning in aircraft mean everything's fine.

David in NYC said...

@Steve-O --

Actually, "the insane Right" is a redundancy, not an oxymoron.

@Bill the Splut --

Not-Joe the Not-Plumber will not be available to do your surgery. He'll be busy running for Congress.