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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

That damned Stack

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Government

Seriously? That's the best you can come up with?


Tog said...

My fellow Americans: I want you to download and save this particular strip for the next time the Republicans start beating the war drum and Bruce "Truth To Power" Batshit Tinsley chooses to not say a single word.

Anonymous said...

Okay first? Stacking sounds totally fun.

Second, why is ye olde Drunkenfuck yappin' about stacking fucking bodies? Shouldn't we all just check his basement? What's his alibi for the night in question? He was 'Prematurely Embalmed'?

STACKING BODIES. I think Tinsdale is tortured.

Stacking. Bodies.


His words. Not mine.

Kip W said...

Let's rewind here. What "new poll"? Is this one as wrong as most of the ones he [mis]quotes? And what do they mistrust about government? The Democrats? Or the GOP and its enablers?

Rootbeer said...

Take THAT, people who would agree to be stacked!


digger said...

Kip W: I saw that "new poll." It also said only 10% of people "trust tea-party republicans" and only 2% of people "trust Mallard Fillmore."

(See, tinsley, I can make shit up also!)

rewinn said...

More Citizens United fallout:

Cameron Casey wanted to invest a million dollars in the Romney campaign and why not? He and Mitt were both scions of Bain Capital, which specializes in enriching its members by selling off America. Having a President overseeing the process could net a solid return!

But those pesky campaign finance laws limited Mr. Casey to a few thousand dollars. No problem! He incorporated "W. Spann LLC", gave it a million bucks; W. Spann LLC gave that million to "Restore Our Future"; and, no longer needed, W. Spann LLC dissolved.

I don't mind the Aristocracy buying our government so much as I object to their being so obvious about it. Can't we have a little subtlety?,_then_immediately_dissolves/

rewinn said...

P.S. did Mallard Fillmore have a "comic" today? And if so, does anyone actually read it anymore?

There are certainly hundreds, and very likely thousands of webcomics with vastly greater followings. So what's the point?

Bill the Splut said...

Umm...right. "A poll of American citizens showed that 100% of them were Americans." Is there a point here, besides the one atop Brucie's head?

I've seen funnier and more coherent hieroglyphics.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Apparently, ancient Egyptian workers painted the pyramids with political cartoons and advertisements. I am absolutely certain that those are more relevant to our current political system than any Mallard Fillmore comic.

Word Verification: Destrate, de strate and narrow path be de on to de truth, mon, and Mallard Fillmore be nutin' but curves.

DiR said...

I suspect that MF's edited agrees with me; "Fuck it, at least it's not a week of bitching about toilet seats."