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Saturday, August 06, 2011

That damned Tactic

What's Mallard raving about today?

Scare Tactics, President Obama, Social Security

One day after scaring people about Social Security...this?

Seriously, I think Mallard is becoming schizophrenic.


Tog said...

It really is astounding, even if it's not the first time Batshit's pulled something like this.

Saturday: "...Obama uses scare tactics!!"

Frank Stone said...

Haw haw, yeah! Hey, remember when Brucie did all those strips laying into G.W. Bush for using the threat of more terrorist attacks to try to scare us into voting for him and his party?


CW in LA said...

I don't think Brews is schizophrenic. I think he just really is that lacking in self-awareness. Dumb, drunk, and lazy is no way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

Obama did use scare tactics. BT is correct, the money was there to fund Social Security even if there had been a 'government shutdown'.

Social Security and Medicare are a top priority and would be amongst the last groups to have their benefits cut. Current year funding for these programs is in place and would continue for the rest of the government fiscal year (till September 30th)

Obama is a liar and will do anything it takes to win in 2012. More voters know this - which is why they made the statement they did at the midterm elections.

CW in LA said...

Hey Concern Troll for Hire: Fuck the hell off. The president is Truthfulness Incarnate next to your beloved Rethugs. The fact that they became Deeply, Deeply Concerned about the debt on Jan. 20, 2009 after handing Clinton's surplus over to their corporate sponsors is the most blatant example.

Steve-O said...

"BT is correct"

Bwahahahaha, thanks for that. I haven't had a good laugh for a while.

Anonymous said...

CW in La said..."The president is Truthfulness Incarnate."

Do yourself a favor - go back on your medication, you are delusional.

CW in LA said...

Nice: Anonyconerntroll's careful editing of my earlier statement manages to support my point about Rethug dishonesty perfectly.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Anonyconerntroll's careful editing of my earlier statement manages to support my point about Rethug dishonesty perfectly.

Careful editing to make someone seem to be saying something completely different than what anyone who actually knows what's going on can tell they said. Does this mean our anon is James O'Keefe?

Well, James, the dilly is this: your tactics may work on video, but they don't work in a medium where everybody can look right up the freakin' page and see what your target really said. So please go sail your CNN sex yacht to safer waters.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Oh, and in a spirit of scientific curiosity, I clicked on Anon's YouTube link. I didn't watch it, but it was mirrored from CBS News, which surprised me, because I thought Anon and his co-religionists considered CBS one of the most actively Communistic arms of that "liberal media" I keep hearing about but never actually seeing.

Tog said...

Anonytroll doesn't miss the point--like every intellectual coward he carefully goes around it, pretending not to see it: on Friday Batshit engaged in scare tactics about SS, and on Saturday Batshit accused Obama of engaging in scare tactics about SS.

There's a word for that: hypocrisy.

You see it in action elsewhere: for example, all the teabaggers who only a few days ago were screaming for the GOP to let the government collapse are now weeping and screeching that America's credit downgrade is (drum roll please) all Obama's fault.

Let's all remember that this isn't the first time the GOP has tried to destroy the nation in their thirst for power, and don't let anyone else forget it either.

Here's the thing about tidal waves, Anonytroll, whether they're real-life tsunamis or Teabagger Tidal Waves O'Triumph: they all eventually wash right back where they came from, leaving behind nothing but destruction and wrecked lives.

rewinn said...

The use of the unusual word "amongst" cued me in to the fact that Anonymous Coward was pasting material without giving it credit, and undoubtedly being selective about it. The full piece was easy to find right here and, to the surprise of no-one, does not support the idea that there would not really be a problem.

But what would you think from someone so lacking in balls that he's afraid to post under his own ID? The complete inadequacy of Anonymous Coward is without a doubt matched by lack of ability to relate to actual human beings, e.g. having a consensual sexual encounter without paying for it. If you lack the stones to post under your own ID, you lack the stones to "post" at all.

DiR said...

I swear, we could solve a ton a of problems overnight if Obama would just come out and issue a strongly worded suggestion that Americans should not drink drain cleaner.

Kip W said...

My advice to "Obama" still stands: Don't repeat GOP talking points. The same goes for his real-life counterpart, if he has one.

Anonymous said...

Cutting through all the liberal crap...BT's strip of Saturday August 6 was accurate.

Obama lied when asked the scripted question by CBS if he could guarantee the social security checks would go out if there was a government shutdown.

The only way they would not have is if he ordered them to be held back.

I noticed that no one denied this fact. He wanted to frighten the senior citizens. The man is a liar and the economy will not improve as long as he is in the White House.

rewinn said...

Cutting through the Anonymous Coward crap is impossible. It just squishes impotently.
Certainly the President has the power to order the Social Security checks to go out. Whether they would bounce when cashed is another matter. Anonymous Coward doesn't seem to understand banking very well but so what? No-one who lacks the genital fortitude to actual post under their own ID has anything worth reading anyway.
Personally, I think we should impeach every President who lies but the time to start would have been when someone told Congress they had exhausted every peaceful means of removing Iraq's WMDs - that was not only a lie, it was a felony under 18 USC 1001. And as we know, when a President commits a felony, we MUST impeach!

Anonymous said...

Rewinn - What is your problem? The money is there for S/S even if there is a government shutdown – period! Stop with the lies and think about how much more ignorant it makes you look.

Go back to blogging about your bloody asshole with the tiger balm or show us another photo of the shack you purchased. Does this place have indoor plumbing?

DiR said...

SS is perfectly fine, and saying otherwise is lying scare tactics.
Unless it's politically expedient for the Republicans, then SS is going to implode and kill Grandma unless SS is privatized.

Tog said...

Tips for anonystalkertroll:

1. Putting an all-caps rant in boldface instead of all-caps doesn't really make it not an all-caps rant.

2. Once you fly off the handle and start shrieking like that, you've lost the game and everyone's laughing at you.

3. Playing the "If you take this one statement and isolate it from any and all context...I'm right!" game never works.

And when a teabagger accuses anyone else of lying...wooooooooo.

Anonystalkertroll: "...the economy will not improve as long as he is in the White House."

That certainly is the Republican mantra, and they're doing everything they can to make it so, but they also thought they could pull something like this off way back when Newt was the New Reagan.

Let's just see if it works any better for them this time.

Rootbeer said...

There are many other places for political extremists to work themselves into a froth.

This blog is for making fun of a terrible, terrible comic strip.