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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Those damned Comics

What's Mallard raving about today?

Comics, Education

Pick your snark today:

  • "Questions about realism from a strip about a newscaster duck?"
  • "Reality and Mallard Fillmore? Never met."
  • "The solution? Step 1. De-fund schools. Step 2. Give the money to the wealthy and corporations. Step 3. Step 4. Better Schools!"


DiR said...

Blah blah blah botched metaphor. This would only work if Tins was arguing that there are no such things as teenagers, military enlistees, or vikings.

dlauthor said...

... and Mallard's been a self-satisfied, smug, lazy, television-addicted, misogynistic, racist, moronic asshole for years.

So at least Tinshley's abiding by the "write what you know" axiom, at least until he bumps up against anything that exists beyond the mounds of empties in his living room.

Bill the Splut said...

By amazing coincidence, today's New Adventures of Queen Victoria uses the same premise. Except funny! In fact, one of the strips lampooned is....

Bill the Splut said...

To recommend another comic far better than this crap, there's more humor, intelligence and genuine insight in this single Subnormality than there is in the entire 15 year run of Dullard Failmore.

Frank Stone said...

Brucie lives in a world where education in the United States would be 1000% improved if only public schools were abolished and all students went to private schools, where tuition could be paid for with vouchers if the parents of the students were too lazy to be wealthy.

But it's the comics that are unrealistic.

DharmaPete said...

Hagar & Beatle Beailey? Way to be relevant, Bruchie!

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley does have a point: I would never have thought the level of absolute evil, wishing for the extermination of everyone who is an electron away from your clone, technological and social ignorance, or anything else seen in this comic would have been possible until I found out about Tinsley.

Let us look back on the pilgrims: They were so backwards and fanatical that whites in the 1600s considered them to be excessively bigoted--that is the correct spelling, Tinsley. Pilgrims would have considered Tinsley to be out of touch.

Vikings spent Medieval times murdering, robbing and fucking everyone in Europe. They would have considered Tinsley to be evil and backwards.

Shi Huang Ti was a dictator who, in the 220s B.C. illegalized all literature and science, and imprisoned and enslaved anyone who violated his orders. He would have considered Tinsley to be joyless and regressive.

A Babylonian tablet from 2400 B.C. complained that things were better in the past. Its writer would consider Tinsley a friend, though overly obstructive to progress.

deepbeep said...

This would be like Zippy the Pinhead tooting his own horn for being so accessible.

rewinn said...

America's schools were the envy of the world before Reaganomics started the attack on working people.

Rootbeer said...

Only a Sunday strip could contain this much READING! and THINKING!

Anyway, I thought the defining character trait of Li'l Rush was that he will succeed despite his circumstances because he understands the value of hard work (like all Asian children of legal immigrants). Now he's switched to moping and hopelessness?