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Saturday, August 13, 2011

That damned Hatred

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Employers.

I defy you to name one concrete example of an Obama policy that is not business-friendly.

I'll wait...


DiR said...


Instead of deal with this tripe, I encourage everyone to enjoy some Elvis. /watch?v=REc9aP7th4c&feature=related

DiR said...

Took me a few minutes to internalize how bad MF is on every level. Tinsley is like the Dr. Forrester of political cartoonists. Do you think maybe he keeps his editor locked in a tower somewhere, and is trying to break the poor bastard's mind with this shit? I like the believe so, because that's a more comforting thought then the idea that anyone out there could take pride and enjoyment from this.

Frank Stone said...

Hur-hur! Yeah, 'cuz rich people are job creators an' Obama hates capitilisum! Hur-hur!

Oh, Brucie -- is there ANY brainless right-wing talking point you can't regurgitate?

Kip W said...

If he wants to raise taxes to help get rid of the Bush deficit, then he would seem to like workers to some extent. This can only mean he hatehatehates employers, because there's no possible middle ground he could occupy.

Republicans know this, because they have been bombing the middle ground back to the stone age for years.

Kip W said...

ps: Inept swipe of Linus's classic line, "I love mankind. It's people I can't stand!"

rewinn said...

FUN FACT: Private sector growth is at about 5%.
The problem is the public sector, which is still shedding jobs.
So if Obama "hates employers", the evidence is that he hate PUBLIC employers, a.k.a. GOVERNMENT.