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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

That damned Decade

What's Mallard raving about today?

Movies, Clothes, The Economy

Is this decade known for ugly clothes? Really?


Tog said...

Oh, I've been waiting to see Batshit latch onto Rise of the Planet of the Apes like a teat filled with whiskey.

Think about how teabaggers and dittoheads see it: a movie about how fuzzy-thinking liberals' misplaced monkey-love and Godless socialist-medicine science sets off a massive "chimp-out" (to use the phrase that wrongwingers are so fond of) that will ultimately destroy human civilization.

It must be killing Batshit that he can't publicly show off his "brilliant" caricatures of Obama and his Secret Army of Armed Kenyan Hip-Hop-BBQ Islamofascists swinging hand and foot across the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, firing upon helpless white women, while in the foreground Mallard smirks at the reader, "See? I warned you!"

exanonymous said...

I wasn't alive in the 70s.

That probably partially factors into why I don't go "DURN RITE!" when I read these old man rants.

Rootbeer said...




dlauthor said...

Also, a president who's getting blamed for an economic downturn that was ultimately the result of an eminently corrupt predecessor!

Warning to Tinshley: drinking and driving is still not as socially accepted as it was in the seventies.

digger said...

Tog: your comment is in poor taste but is far funnier than anything I've seen BT come up with.

Today's strip: Ugly clothes?? WTF? Yesterday's strip: Bruce, the Arab Spring not only continues--look at Libya and Syria--but seems to be spreading to Western European nations. BT is really out of touch.
London: This is what austerity looks like. See

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley associates today with the '70s because he refuses to accept the existence of video games or electronics, and he misses the Nixon administration. He would go farther back in the past, but that would prevent him from laughing at the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Also, I have seen this joke used about fifty times with more intelligence, but then again, the retard class at any given kindergarten is filled with more intelligent creatures..

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger continued a war that would kill millions in order to justify bombing small, neutral countries. Their actions helped Pol Pot, who killed millions, to gain power. Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger and Pol Pot are better than ATinsley

Frank Stone said...

Firstly, Mallard: Considering that you wear the same ill-fitting tweed jacket and polka dot pajamas every damn day, I hardly think you have any right to be complaining about ugly clothes.

Secondly, Mallard: You really ought to see a neurologist. You're looking even more than usual like you've suffered a blunt force trauma to the head.

Thirdly, Mallard: STFU.

Bill the Splut said...

I'm only a few years younger than Tinny--I even made a Bay City Rollers joke yesterday--but this makes me want to yell "GO TO BED, OLD MAN!"

Always dress fashionably. Who knows when you'll have your mugshot taken?

rewinn said...

@Tog's right - the reichwing has got to be dying to be able to say, "Hey, we're living Planet of the Apes right now, with that Kenyan in the White House!"

But what today's "comic" says to me is this: Tinshley's complaining about men's fashions. LOTWUT?

P.S. the reichwing is hoping 2012 will turn into Carter v. Reagan; both Romney and Perry have the right hair. But instead of Desert One, Obama will have bin Ladn, Mubarak and Gaddafi ... which makes it all the more important that the GOP screw up the economy. That entirely explains their traitorous actions in Congress this year.

P.P.S. congratulations to the Libyans, let's hope they succeed in freeing themselves with NATO/Americans providing only over-the-horizon support. This is a good model for success.

rewinn said...

@Frank - let's not forget that Mallard hates any form of pants. This has got to affect his sense of fashion, tilting it more than a little bit in the direction of the flasher.