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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Right on schedule, Mallard trots out his piety with a dose of the martyr.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas.


Tog said...

Without a single trace of self-awareness or shame. Surely Batshit will be one of the Raptured.

Happy Holidays!

Bill the Splut said...

Don't dress your messiah up as a reindeer. Use him as an excuse to whine about how oppressed you are.

WV: bleaksh; After tomorrow, expect Mallard going back to being a bleak sh about everything.

Anonymous said...

So by "persecuted," he means "having to listen to store clerks wish him a happy holidays"?

We don't get Mallard in the Sunday comics here. That's the best Christmas present of all.


rewinn said...

Did Tinshley specify that the quote from the Gospel of Matthew is attributed to Jesus Christ because otherwise his readers might have thought it was John Galt?

Frank Stone said...

Aww, isn't that cute? Brucie thinks he's a martyr who's being persecuted because of his faith in God.

Tell you what, Brucie: Get back to us after you've been arrested and beaten within an inch of your life because of your religion. Or had your house firebombed. Or even been refused service at a restaurant. Until then, kindly spare us all your self-righteous delusions.

Merry Christmahanukwanzaakah!

ajm said...

Tins is only persecuted whenever the bartender yells out, "Last call."

Kip W said...

And lo, by combining a half-assed drawing with two religious-sounding quotes from online, a Christmas Eve strip was crapped out. Truly, a yuletide miracle!

Steve-O said...

Poor, Poor Bruce.

I would say that Bruce is the opposite of persecuted. He makes a living BECAUSE of his deranged beliefs, it certainly isn't because he's a talented cartoonist, writer, or artist.

Happy Holidays!!! (I always say that because it pisses off Fox News zombies)

Neo Tuxedo said...

"'Ah, yes,' she said, 'that tiresome Styric compulsion to expropriate pain. Someone on the far side of the world stabs a Styric, and you start to bleed. You sit here in Matherion in protected luxury feeling sorry for yourself and secretly consumed with a gnawing envy that you're being denied martyrdom. Well, if you want to be a martyr so badly, Salla, I can arrange it for you.' Sephrenia was coldly angry with this babbling fool."
-- David Eddings, Domes of Fire