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Sunday, December 11, 2011

That damned Part

What's Mallard raving about today?

Christmas Pageants

I will not be lectured to by someone who is also warring against Christmas.


Steve-O said...

Once again a Sunday "comic" is wasted on stupid tripe.

God forbid we make our holiday plays inclusive so the goddamn Jews in our schools might participate (or worse yet, THE FUCKING TERRRRIST MOOSLIMS!!11!!).

Tinsley, I really wish you would just go away.

ajm said...

To paraphrase Blackadder, the only decent acting role Bruce Tinsley can play is a man with no talent.

CW in LA said...

So... holidays should be offensive?

Tog said...

@CW in LA: Well, not offensive per se, at least not offensive to "the only people that matter," anyway.

But they should be exclusive, because that's what Jesus is all about and therefore that's the reason for the season. Heaven ain't just let anyone in, you know.

Look, Batshit: if it's the lack of all-day-long proselytizing in public school that offends you, remember there are churches for that. When was the last time you were in one?

DiR said...

Good job, non-nondescript background child in a generic holiday-season crappy comic strip!

CW in LA said...

I will say this movement to transform Christmas into "If You're Not One Of Us, Fuck Off Day" is not a development I saw coming. Given the people we're talking about, I surely should have, of course.

rewinn said...

"If You're Not One Of Us, Fuck Off Day" FTW !!!

Kip W said...

And now Mister Garrison will perform "Merry Fucking Christmas."