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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

That damned Cat

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cats, Holidays, Reindeer

So, apparently, Mallard Fillmore is going to complain about animals dressed as reindeer until Christmas.

This is a metaphor for the Modern Republican party, however.

  • Elevating fake cultural trends to emergency status to rile up supporters and make them easy to manipulate
  • Intolerant to the point of biliousness over anything with which they do not agree
  • Joyless
  • Filibustering everything (including the days leading up to Christmas)
  • Obsessed with reindeer
I may have made that last one up.


Tog said...

Another metaphor for the current GOP: When you've gotten yourself stuck in a rut and you're looking like a complete moron, just remember the words of that great Republican president..."Stay The Course."

CW in LA said...

Then there's the claiming to be defending America from something that's grossly distorted or exaggerated: How many people have ever tried dressing a cat up like a damn reindeer?

Steve-O said...

That's the most poorly drawn cat I've ever seen.

dlauthor said...

I think we're beginning a delightful advent calendar of suck, viz:

12/6: Don't dress your dog up as a reindeer!

12/7: Don't dress your cat up as a reindeer!

12/8: Don't dress your hamster up as a reindeer!

12/9: Don't dress your turtle up as a reindeer!

12/10: Don't dress your ferret up as a reindeer!

12/11: Don't dress your parakeet up as a reindeer!

12/12: Don't dress your Vietnamese potbelly pig up as a reindeer!

12/13: Don't dress your goldfish up as a reindeer!

12/14: Don't dress your miniature horse up as a reindeer!

12/15: Don't dress your houseplants up as reindeer!

12/16: Don't dress your toaster up as a reindeer! I HATE TOASTERS!

12/17: Don't dress your children up as reindeer!

12/18: Don't dress your left elbow up as a reindeer!

12/19: Don't dress your whiskey up as a reindeer! Give it to me!

12/20: Don't dress Regis Philbin up as a reindeer!

12/21: Don't dress Cleveland, Ohio, up as a reindeer!

12/22: Don't dress the color blue up as a reindeer!

12/23: Don't dress your testicles up as reindeer!

12/24: Don't dress your reindeer up as a wait oh God I'm drunk


Kip W said...

How would a tiny reindeer dress up a cat?

Well, at least Tinsley's not screwing the pooch again today. Just beating the usual dead horse.

Kip W said...

dl — Ouch, that's funny!

Miss D said...

OK, I give up. What's going on in this comic? Is the cat on the lady's head because she tried to dress it up as a reindeer? Or is that her hair and the cat knocked her down because she tried to dress it up as a reindeer? Although this comic is always poorly drawn with an inane "message", today it is particularly awful! I guess Brucie is off the booze and on the acid.

Beef Wellington said...

So in a commentary about dressing animals as other things....The image we get is that of an elderly woman on all fours looking terrified.....I shudder to think of what mallard did to get her that way.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Kip: +1.

dl: Will that internets be carry-out or delivery?

DharmaPete said...

Where the fuck is the cat????? It looks like Tinshley just drew a picture of his mother on all 4's!!! Seriously, this is actually wors than his "dog".

DiR said...

At what point does this animal dress-up obsession become classified as a mental disorder?

rewinn said...

The War On Christmas
The Animal Liberation Front
Not Really Funny.