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Saturday, December 10, 2011

That damned Planet

What's Mallard raving about today?


Short, incomprehensible, not funny. At least one of those is new to Mallard Fillmore.


Tog said...

Wow, the trademark smug smirk AND "the planet" in quotation marks for maximum "sarcasm." Take that, stupid hippies!

The best way to help the planet (or "the planet") is to not buy useless shit in the first place. I know you hate humanity, Batshit, but if you can't put some thought into a gift, don't substitute the present of blatant thoughtlessness.

Speaking of buying useless shit, this. I pity anyone on her re-gifting/enemies list...OR seated at her dinner table.

Plus, of course, Batshit's continuing his campaign to win the title of Bitterest Christmas Turd in America. He's sure to win! ...Because I don't see anyone else actively TRYING for the title.

ajm said...

I was so enraptured by Tinsley's joyous, festive holiday spirit and benevolence towards his fellow creatures in today's strip that I neglected to catch the punchline.

Kip W said...

DaveyK, I'm wondering if you meant "at most."

Mallard will care about the planet, provided that cheaping out and displaying contempt in exchange for proffered friendship will serve the purpose. It's the same reason conservatives find it convenient to believe that the best thing you can do for the poor is to step over them. Doing nothing is the highest moral good, in their book (written by Saint Ayn).

Beef Wellington said...

I love the first pannel,It's how I always imagined what bruce looks like when ranting,Scowl,Finger in the air triumphantly,exposing the REAL stories people care about and then looking up from his desk to an empty living room where a single glass of scotch is seen on the coffee table,He sheds a tear and realizes how alone he is.

rewinn said...

On the plus side, today's "comic" reminded me of FreeCycle, which is kind of like re-gifting to people you don't know but who want what you have to give away.
For example, I had a bag of kids play bricks. Rather than dump them, I posting on my local freecycle and a young family got them. They were happy, I was happy, and it was good for "The Planet".

Steve-O said...

Ok, we get it Mallard, you're a dick. Can we move on now?

CW in LA said...

Wait, is Brews now saying that what we live on isn't really a planet?

Umm, Tinsh, it may well seem like your life is spent on the back of a giant pink elephant staggering around with the DTs. But that's not the world...

wv: uncuti. 7-UP is the un-cola. Mallard is the un-cuti.

DiR said...

This is ridiculous. The Council has never found any evidence that this "Planet" of yours exists, now or ever. Frankly, Shepard, we have been more then patient listening to your nonsense, but we will no longer tolerate your personal vendetta against Saren to take up our time.

It's nice to know that Bruce had his entire December line up done by August. "Bitch about gifts, annnnd paycheck. Fucking lazy liberals!"