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Friday, December 09, 2011

That damned Tip

What's Mallard raving about today?


Holiday Tip? Don't you mean Christmas tip?


Tog said...

Busted! If Bruce Tinsley DOESN'T hate America, why is he conspiring with the enemy in the War on Christmas?

Also, too: Other people = Bruce Tinsley's trash bin. Shocking, I know.

Kip W said...

And I thought when I came to this blog, I'd be safe from the War on Holiday!

Just kidding. You nailed the little shit.

dlauthor said...

"... but didn't look good in?"


Anonymous said...

Not utterly stupid, offensive, or bigoted, so I say Win!

rewinn said...

Is that what happened to Mallard's pants?

He couldn't get into Chantel's, so he gave her his?

Anonymous said...

This is the only tip Tinsley will ever give, as evidenced by the fact that he thinks old clothing from his wardrobe is an acceptable substitute for a gift.

Also, the only things Tinsley would buy, the only things he would use: bibles, Klansman robes, lynching equipment and grain alcohol.

LowExpectations said...

> Not utterly stupid, offensive, or bigoted, so I say Win!

Mallard may complain about deteriorating education standards, but this is the ultimate example of grading on a curve based on low expectations.

Steve-O said...

The worst thing I can say about this "comic" is that it's boring and uninspired, so props for that I guess.

DiR said...

"It's important to really half-ass your gifts."

I guess he gets points for sliding his trademark, "Disregard everyone who does not agree with you" in there?