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Thursday, December 22, 2011

That damned Man

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard Fillmore: Parochial idiot.

(For the record, I really didn't care if there was an NBA season. But that doesn't mean I am so stupid as to believe my own views are majority views.)


NickE said...


I just find it striking that you can create a nationally-syndicated seven-day-a-week comic strip based solely on the concept of "What's pissing me off at this one particular moment."

Kip W said...

The duck (and likely the hand up his ass) is gobsmacked to find that anybody cares about anything. It's so alien to his own sullen, grumpy way of letting the finger of time drag him unwillingly through his own joyless existence.

CW in LA said...

On the one hand, the NBA really does suck a tremendous amount of ass.

But as a resident of a city where every spring most of the cars are festooned with those stupid little Laker car flags, I can attest that people do care about it.

In fact, I believe it's a safe bet that more people care if there's an NBA season (if? The Tinshleyan topicality strikes again) than if there's ever another Mallard Fillmore strip.

dlauthor said...

This from a guy who bitches endlessly about extremely uninteresting facets of NCAA football.

Miss D said...

Brucie's logic:
1. NBA team owners lock out the players because they want more money. Thus players = communists.
2. Players earning millions of dollars and they're not white CEOs of failed companies. Thus players = communists.
3. NBA games very popular, most are sold out. But Brucie not good at sports. Thus NBA game = communist plot.

Tog said...

Honestly, I prefer MF as a pointless-bitching strip rather than a wrong-wing agitprop/disinformation vector. Let the grimy little hack continue his slide into utter irrelevance. What's one more "Pluggers" variant?

Aside: I remember the last Chris Muir strip I ever looked at of my own volition: one of his poorly-copypasted "hip young Republican" paper dolls was performing the Nazi salute and holding a comb over her lip to imitate Hitler's 'stache while quoting Michelle Obama's statement that her husband would "put Americans back to work."

I'm certain since then Pissy Chrissy has crapped out some fifty strips hissing and spitting because Obama (thanks to the ceaseless efforts of the GOP) hasn't done exactly that. But I can't stand to look at his shitty "artwork" anymore.

Bill the Splut said...

I was about to ask "Is there a Mallard fan page, or is D&C as close as it gets?" when I decided to check.

Only relevant result: the Facebook page. If you can find the time, you should check out all the fan comments! Hilarious!

rewinn said...

Hey, they left off the title of today's "Comic" -

"What A Sad, Impotently Angry World Conservatives Inhabit - Number 139 Of A Series"

Steve-O said...

Fuck you Bruce, we care here in Oklahoma.


Steve-O said...

Also, I bet all the little people that depend on the NBA (local restaurants, hot dog vendors, local gift shop owners) care.


Why does Bruce Tinsley hate capitalism?