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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That damned Election

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Presidential Election

Apparently Mallard came up with one fewer ideas than he needed to cover the pre-Christmas publishing schedule, so he dusted off something he wrote earlier and submitted it.

On the other hand, not offensive and something recognizable as a joke.


ajm said...

Funny joke.

I preferred it the first time I heard it told by Norm MacDonald on SNL in 1995.

Kip W said...

The 'point' (if I may use such a word in connection with this turd of a strip) is the belief among Republicans that if the election were held today, that darn foreigner would be voted out of office in favor of the seven Republican candidates whose votes together, on a good day with no gaffes, might total more than Obama's.

Having seen Dubya ushered into office twice now, I do not counsel complacency, but it's nice to see the air of desperation on the faces of most GOP commentators as they look at who they have to offer this time around. It's like they're wondering if it's too late to change the Constitution so that Arnold Schwarzenegger can run.

rewinn said...

Hey Tinshley, I fixed that for ya!.

@Kip- my bet is that the GOP is perfectly happy to let Obama keep the Oval Office so long as they keep the Senate filibuster and a lot of state governorships.

Anonymous said...

Since the majority of Republicans like endless wars on "terror", the Patriot Act, the suppression of civil liberties, the targeted killing of Americans deemed insufficiently patriotic, and indefinite detention without charges, why in the world wouldn't they love Obama? He's cheerfully made those his legacy. Romney and Newt couldn't possibly do any better!

Miss D said...

The only thing recongnizable as a joke is Tinsley's insistence that he has talent. Day after day we are treated to bad drawings and dialog that is so inane and stupid that I'm actually embarrassed for Tinsley. It's like he's not even sure what he wants to criticize. "Oh arugula! That's liberal, right? Well then, here's my criticism - Only people who want to raise the capital gain tax eat arugula! There, I said it!" Meanwhile the rest of the world sees this comic and thinks, "WTF? This is funny?"

DiR said...