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Thursday, December 15, 2011

That damned Stuff

What's Mallard raving about today?

Occupy Wall Street

Mallard Fillmore: confusing assertions for facts since 1994.


rewinn said...

The only part of today's "comic" that is interesting is that the attack on Occupiers is that they are lazy and shiftless ("will Occupy for food") but are also trying to improve themselves by getting an advanced degree ("my dissertation").

This is a classic tactic of fascists: to attack those who disagree with them as being either lazier than they are, or harder working. Why address the actual issues of Occupy Wall Street when you can sneer at Occupiers for being smart?

As David Brin is fond of pointing out, today's "conservatives" attack every educated clade of American life as part of a culture war.... it's well worth reading

DiR said...

This isn't fun if you don't try, Bruce.

Frank Stone said...

That's quite an impressive number of Fox News talking points to squeeze into one strip. Good little parrot. Brucie wanna cracker?

Anonymous said...

The sign appears to be defying both wind and gravity. Tins doesn't even try to get anything right. How did this character from the 60's get transported to the 2010's?

RE: Rewinn's dissertation comment: This is part of MF's typical "liberal" stereotyping, that they are all hippie, humanities students.


Rootbeer said...

In the world of Mallard Fillmore, academic work doesn't count as real work.

"A dissertation" produces nothing of value for society. Every hour spent in a library carrel poring through source materials is an hour spent not doing whatever it is that Pluggers get paid to do.

Kip W said...